The Zombie Apocalypse has never been so...


It was late, and conversation had drifted oddly, as it often does amongst geeky gamers. My friend was trying to remember a picture that she had found horribly appealing. She thought perhaps she had heard that someone was trying to make a game based on it. A game about children fighting off zombie hordes.

She was right. I give you Zombie Playground, which pits schoolchildren against the undead (and a disturbingly familiar-looking raccoon, which works on several levels). I just happened to stumble across it on the final day of its Kickstarter drive. (This isn’t a solicitation; they’ve already reached their funding target, so whatever they get now is for expansion, and I have no affiliation with the company. I just found it goofy and cute enough to share.)

We’ve had Doper teams for L4D and TF2. Anyone interested in some schoolyard zombie-whacking when this hits Steam?

Sounds great. I’ve thought the L4D series needed more kid zombies. Like the come flooding out of a school bus. It would help to make the game harder if the zombies had real height differences.

Somehow, its much much creepier with child zombies than adults shudder

Of course it is. I can only hope that some variants sing. For maximum creepiness, they should sing nursery rhymes, very slowly and mechanically, with occasional rasps as bits of their vocal apparatus comes loose.

Where’s the raccoon?

Well, the latest Kickstarter update shows his head on a pike outside a Kids Next Door-esque treehouse (just rough concept art, but I like it).

Never mind. I found a pic of it on their forum. It looks interesting for people who like zombies (I’m too easily freaked out).

Ah, if you’re not zombie-inclined, I should probably explain the reference–aside from the fact that the concept art has the zombified mascot posed like pedobear. The other reference is to Raccoon City, the site of the t-virus (zombie plague, basically) outbreak in the Resident Evil series. Well, technically, the first game was set near the place, but close enough.

At any rate, the Kickstarter project is closed, having reached over 150% of its original goal, so now it’s just a matter of waiting to see what comes of it.