The Zoo on Animal Planet-anyone watching?

I love it!! And that’s how we do it in the boogie down Bronx.

Yes, we saw all of last season and were happy to see it renewed. We really enjoy it.

Yes, love it. I really appreciate the way many zoos have stepped up in terms of wildlife preservation and it seems from the show that the Bronx Zoo takes that seriously as their mission.

That’s how we do things in the Boogie Down Bronx. As a girl born and raised in The Bronx, I feel nothing but pride when I watch this show. The only thing wrong with it is that this song isn’t the theme song.

I love Animal Planet, and I love the Zoo. When the leopard was euthanized I cried like a baby. All the Zoo workers were soooo sad too. Heart wrenching.

I follow so closely that I got an alert when Mert recently passed and my heart went out to Mel. “Mert thinks he’s a person, Mel thinks she’s a goose. . .”

Watching and enjoying. It seems, however, that there are only a few episodes that get shown over and over and over.

Very sad to hear about Mert.

Yes, we had recorded last night’s episode which we thought was a new one, but when we sat down to watch it, it was a rerun we’d already seen.

I knew before clicking as I had been thinking the same thing.

There are only 8 episodes of season one and, so far, only three episodes this season.

I love this show. It makes me want to work at a zoo. I am in amazement when watching every episode that the zoo is in The Bronx! That there are 265 acres of such beautiful land in the middle of such a busy city. I had never heard of it before. New episodes come on every Saturday evening. They usually show the previous week’s episode before the new one. I have my DVR set to automatically record it.