Theatrical Films Remade As TV movies

After watching a rather horrendous 1973 TV version of Double Indemnity (Lee J. Cobb was pretty good in the Barton Keyes role; the rest were zombies), I came here to ask for a list of other theatrical films with television remakes, only to discover that a thread regarding remakes in general is running on page 1 as we speak.

With all due respect to that poster and his thread, I ask that he understand my reasoning for starting this one. It was not done to step on his toes.

I wish to exclude from this list any TV versions of classic stories that may have had previous film versions (Shakespeare, Biblical stories, etc.), since it can be said the TV movies were reinterpretations of the print source, not necessarily remakes of the film.

The TV DI is simply an edited and sometimes updated version of Wilder and Chandler’s screenplay, and not a reinterpretation of Cain’s novella.

I also wish to exclude any TV shows based on films (MAS*H, Stargate, etc.). Just telefims, please.

So, the list includes, so far:

Double Indemnity (1944 film)
Double Indemnity (1973 TV movie)

Sir Rhosis

Miracle on 34th Street (1947) was remade for TV 3 times, one in 1955, again in 1959, and finally (so far) in 1973.

It’s A Wonderful Life (1946) was remade with some gender swapping in 1977 as It Happened One Christmas.

12 Angry Men (1997, directed by William Friedkin) and Fail Safe (2000, directed by Stephen Frears), both made-for-television version of older films.

I believe The Shining was remade as a TV movie.

And again in 1994.

Carrie was remade as a 2002 TV movie.
The Poseidon Adventure in 2005.
The Goodbye Girl in 2004.

And one of the best ever TV movies Brian’s Song was remade less successfully in 2001.

Vanishing Point in 1997 with Viggo Mortensen and Luke Perry.

And this may not count, but Ringu was actually made into a TV movie in Japan three years before the more well-known theater release. Sadako was played by softcore porn actress Ayane Miura and spent most of her time walking around naked. Seriously.

Inherit the Wind

1965, 1988 and 1999

Jesus Christ Superstar–1973 movie, and a 2004 DVD that has been shown on PBS many many times.

Disney remade 1960’s The Absent-Minded Professor in 1988 with Harry Anderson in the lead, long before Robin Williams redid it in Flubber.

They also redid 1959’s The Shaggy Dog as a 1994 TV ovie with Ed Begley, Jr. well before the recent theatrical remake.

Do you know yet what’s wrong with your post?


:smack: Oops. I assumed that since I’d only seen it on TV, that it was a TV remake. My bad.

It was Jason Priestly, not that there’s much of a difference.

I don’t have the years but ABC actually dared to re-make

NBC did a decent CARRIE about 2-3 years ago.

The PBS version was made in 2000. It was an improvement, actually, although Rik Mayall was the only familiar face.

There have also been TV remakes of Annie, Bye Bye Birdie, Don’t Drink the Water, Mr. Roberts and Harvey. All of these originated on the stage and some of these remakes were filmed stage productions.

You’re right, I even got the name right just a week or two ago in the thread on WTF? remakes. :smack: Early-onset senility, I guess.

But since I’m here I’ll mention three more. There seems to be a recent trend in Japan for films and TV movies/miniseries to get made almost simultaneously, but with separate sets of actors. Shitsurakuen (Paradise Lost), Densha no Otoko (Train Man), and Platonic Sex all come to mind.

There are a number of celebrity nude sites that illustrate one big difference. If you’re into that sort of thing.

I take it that the OP is excluding such things as Dickens’ A Christmas Carol which has been remade in pretty much every conceivable permutation?

I’ll add Fail-Safe 1964 (film) and 2000 (TV)

The Best Years of Our Lives
Night of the Hunter

Actually, 12 Angry Men was first a TV movie, then remade as a theatrical release, then remade again as a TV movie. Marty which won the Oscar for Best Picture and for Ernest Borgnine in the title role, was the same way.