- ???

Does anyone know what happened to this site? I used to visit it and its “realtives” fairly regularly to make my click, as it seemed (from all I’ve read) to be a bona fide operation.

Then one day, a notice saying that it was undergoing renovation - that lasted for a week or two and now: “Cannot find server or DNS Error”

Anyone know?


It recently went bankrupt. It’s gone.

Any more information???

News stories?


Quoting from

You also may want to read the recap of the problems between the Hunger Site and the UN at

Thanks - exactly what I was looking for…


Note that link should not have a period at the end of it…

It’s back! I checked it today, and sure enough, there it was.


Wonderful! I am glad it’s back - thanks, bio-brat and thanks to sdimbert for the other link too.

I just went there & there was some flashing Ad on the bottom of the page that said ‘Lose 20 lbs by Oct…’