Theists: I am still alive: Valteron

Guess what, I am still alive. God did not tak me up on my challenge. But I would like to know by what justification the moderator closed down my thread? Surely we can now have a reasonable debate on what my failure to die signifies?

The Goddess, in Her sublime wisdom, has decided its crueler to let you live.

You mean crueler to us, right?

The moderator was guided by Divine Intervention. God didn’t want you to die, so he attempted to subvert your blasphemy. This thread may reset the clock, so be prepared for the Almighty to smite you where you stand in the near future.

Or perhaps your “challenge” was too stupid to remain open. It’s your call.

Are you a first born son? God prefers to kill those.

She, Dave, She. Of course, God is a woman, how else be so coy and so demanding at the same instant?

Hey, speak for yourself. I was waiting here for your post and suddenly I find myself in Tartarus, with all this gnashing of teeth and wailing going on. *And * they only have dial-up.

I realize that an omnipotent God can kill me at any time. But over the past hour, I had given that alleged God a unique opportunity to prove to all the arheists on SD that He DOES INDEED exist. Why did God not take it?

Possible objections and answers:

  1. God loves you no matter what dog-and-pony show you put on on SDMB, and does not want you to die:

My response: The same God who drowned all of the human race (including little children) in the Great Flood, who ordered Joshua to kill every living thing in Jehrico, who killed everyone in Sodom and Gomorrah. That same God is squeamish about killing me?

  1. God does not react to your orders. He decides the day of your death, not you.

My response: It was not an order, it was an invitation. He could have demonstrated his existence to a whole series of unbelievers.

I find the moderator’s action pretty dictatorial and arbitrary. There are plenty of threads that I find stupid and yet I do not ask that they be locked down.

That explains atheism. How can someone have a wife or a girlfriend and still worship at the altar of another woman? That’s just begging for death. I suppose in that context it’s easier to deny.

Women accept no rivals. Hell hath no fury like woman scorned.

Umm…how would we know you were dead? If you never came back I’d just assume you were playing a joke.

Obviously, God is smarter then you are and thought of this.

Seriously, why do you think He would be so eager to demonstrate His existence? The believers say everything is according to His plan. Apparently, this stage of the plan no longer includes overt demonstrations of His existence.

But by that same logic, even had you been smited (smote?) it still wouldn’t have convinced any of the atheists that it was God that had done it. It would have been described as a coincidence, or otherwise explained away. Some smart person more familiar with probability theory than I would calculate the odds, and show that while highly unlikely that coincidence could explain your smiting as a natural event, with many billions of people on the planet, it’s not an impossible coincidence.

So, why bother?

Look, this is a binary solution set. Either you were right and there is no God, thus no debate, or you were wrong and therefore dead, so you could no longer participate.

Next time post more frequently with status reports.

Nah, that doesn’t explain all the godless heathen gays, who surely would be all too willing to worship the divine fabulous one.

There is a variety of debate that is perfectly absurd, Val. I think of them as the “Is God a Homo?” threads. Debate is impossible where no facts are possible. I only believe I have a soul because my soul tells me so. My mind, naturally, advises that my soul is an idiot that doesn’t even exist. So I shrug, love and live.

So it goes.

Well, I think God is more accurately described as bisexual. The nuns taught me that “God is in everyone.”

George Carlin did this joke about 10 years ago. Maybe God is just planning to kill Valteron tomorrow.

Or…You actually died and someone else is a sock and using your login. Here it is at last. proof of god and the person pretending to be you has kept it from us.

No, but he’s a pervert. He stuffed a dove into an *underaged *girl!

Chris Hanson, where were you!?!