them little faces

how do you get the little smiley
faces into your post?

Hi Janx! Scroll down past this post to the bottom of the page.

See where, on the left bottom, it says, “Smilies are ON” and “smilies” is in blue? Click on “smilies”–that’s a link that’ll take you directly to the “Smilies Legend” window.

Thanx Duck Duck GOOSE!

I have not posted much here, but have been a fan since

I see the groovy posts of others and wanted in on the “game”
this should make things a bit more lively!



Dear Janx,

Listen to Duck Duck Goose, for she knows of what she speaks! If you ever have a goofy question about the goings-on of this board, she’ll have the answer for you! She’s a real friend to the newbie. :smiley:

And she’s so cool, too! :cool:

And never really sad :frowning:

Isn’t often confused :confused:

Ok, maybe sometimes she gets mad :mad:

Ah, but you can count on her for some eye-rolling! :rolleyes:

:stuck_out_tongue: Welcome to the board, Janx!




Hey thanx fer the help DUCK DUCK GOOSE and
dantheman :smiley:

Now all I hafta do is fool around a bit with the
HTML stuff and Ill be postin like the grownups :cool

Till then E ya later (gafaw sniker) :rolleyes:


Don’t roll your eyes at me, young lady! :cool:

Actually, I’m still waiting to learn how to post like an adult… Helpful hints are welcomed! (gets out tin cup for accepting all morsels of Ways To Be An Adult Poster…)

I used to post to this BBS system back in Los Angeles
(Millaways) before it died in 97, and I used to get
into it over the same subject.

People always thought I was a GIRL!

as far as being a grown up goes, I havent worked
that out yet

:smiley: //\
\ // \
\ //\ // \
\// \// \//

But I think the potential for ASCII art here is gonna
be wonderfull…

Lets test it Hmmmmm…

$$$$$$$^^ ^^$$$$$$$$$
$$$$$$^ ~^ $ $$ $ I ~^$$$$$$
$$$$$ ~ ~~ ~I $$$$$
$$$$’ ’ ,w$< $$$$
$$$$ $$$$$$$$w
__,w$$$$$$$$ $ $$$
$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ I $$$
$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$*$[ i $$$
$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$[ | ]$$$
$$$$ ~, ~$$$$$$$~ ~ $ $$$
$$$$ ~ , , $$$~ _ _$ ]L J$$$
$$$$ , $$w$ww+ $$$ww``,w ][ $$$$
$$$$, $$$$www$$$ $$$$$$$ww$$$$$[ $$$$
|| $$$$$$P’ $$P$$$$$$$$$$$[|c$$$$
$$$$$$w| ‘$$P~ P]$$$-~, ~Y$$^’],$$$$$$
$$$$$$$[ _ J$$Tk ]]$$$$$$
$$$$$$$$,$ $$, c,y ,w$$[ ,$$$$$$$
$$$$$$$$$ i $w ====–
$$$$$ $$$$$$$$
$$$$$$$$$$`,P~ _ ~^^^^Y$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$
$$$$^^=^$$^ ^’ ,ww,w$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$
$$$xJ~ ~ , $$$$$$$P~$$$$$$$$$$$$
$$ $, ,$$$,

Hmmmmmm, that should be DELETED!

is there a VB command that will preserve
the formatting of your text so the next time
I wanna show some slack, the face of “Bob”
wont be all mushed to one side?

Hell if I know… All I know is don’t be a jerk. :slight_smile:

Sorry I thought you were a girl. I think I… uh… just… you know… assumed… um… oh, fack. Never mind. Sorry!

A long time from now, I’ll have a neat sig like this:

“Two months ago I could even spell Doper. Now I are one!”

Oh, and re: your ASCII art? There are some on here who are freakin’ awesome at it… Like SpiderWoman. They can help ya out!

Ya know, I coulda just kept my mouth shut about the
gender thing, but shux, that would mean wiffing a
chance to make sombody look silly!

as for the art, Ill ask around

unless anybody else wants to put in there 2 cents…

Wel, I can see that SOME PEOPLE don’t seem to have enough work to do.
I can FIND something for you to do…

If yer bad, DDG will make you do research for all those well-thought postings she makes in GD, GQ, and the Pit! :slight_smile:

(Or maybe that’s if you’re good!)
[sub]Ohhhh… punish me, punish me, punish me![/sub]

Aww, Mom, can’t I just watch Nickelodeon? “You Can’t Do That On Television!” is on!

Whoah! Sorry, mid-80s flashback.


homer, checking out Alanis Morissette there? :smiley: