Ther bird is the word.

I always loved that song, but my kids hate it with a passion (which makes me love it all that more). I never really heard the song in it’s entirety, I just heard it as the closing scene of the crew singing it in McHales’s Navy. The kids ganged up against me and gave me a singing elmo doll with a bomb attatched to it (really it was a couple of paper towel tubes made to look threatening, but I got the message.) I think momma bear was behind it, she has a dark side. So who did the original song? Can I buy a legal copy? I am paying for two college educations, I think it is get even time. My only other choice is to buy some Barry Manilow albulms from the second hand store and play them to drive the kids over the edge. And yes, my flak jacket is zipped up, helmet in place!

The song is called “Surfin’ Bird” by the Trashmen. This lists CD where it can be found.

“Surfin’ Bird” by the Trashmen. Available fairly cheaply on the Full Metal Jacket soundtrack CD.

I hope you are happy. You have just inserted that god awful fucking song into my head. May you spend the entire rest of you life in shoes that are one size too small.

The Ramones do a cover, if you want something with a bit more bite to it.

sorry, did not mean to offend, perhaps you would prefer to have in your head Little Eva singing “The locomotion”.

Or the Dominique by the Singing Nun

If you really wanted to annoy your family, you could track down a copy of the old Back To the Beach soundtrack, with Pee-Wee Herman singing a cover of “Surfin’ Bird”!

C’mon, this is family here, I don’t want to go that far…

I had no idea that there was a song with those lyrics. When I had my parrot I used to tell her that “bird is the word” but in my mind I was hearing “grease is the word.” Interesting…

I always considered this to be a quasi-nonsense song on a par with “Who Put the Bop?” and “Flat Foot Flooie” – but on more mature retrospection, I’m wondering if there is some sort of reference to Charlie Parker here. Anyone know the significance?

One assumes you are talking about Flat Foot Floogie with the Floy Floy.

And, on a less than mature note, why would you consider “Who Put the Bop?” to be a nonsense song. Made sense to me.

Now that I think about it, who was that man? I’d like to shake his hand. :slight_smile:

Someone recorded a version of this song that medleyed it with another song- “Wipeout” maybe???

Any help?

One day your kids will see Full Metal Jacket and they’ll realize just how amazingly cool that song is, and then you’ll get your revenge, when they look at you in a new light.

Any song used in a Kubrick film is, by definition, a cool song.

ba ba ba Ba Ba BA BA BAPPA Mau mau ba bap a mau mau…

Lest we forget the benchmark by which all other songs of this genre are measures, I toss in Louie, Louie. :smiley:

I’m enthralled. In my iTunes, I’ve got Wipeout, Louie Louie, Locomotion and Surfin’ Bird.

On the other hand, I’ve not yet heard Flat Foot Floogie. Is it good ?

For those of us who cannot possibly get enough of Louie, Louie, I offer you the official Louie, Louie documentary project website

God help us.


Uhhh. Hmm. I thought I checked that link.

Here is the Louie Louie Link again !


Mods, can you edit that in for me ? Hmmph.

He made my baby fall in love with me, you know.

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