There are no Good Books on Arson and Arsonists

Because of the recent attack in Japan, I went over to Amazon to find something on this subject. There is almost nothing available. There is nothing at all available on Kindle.

Someone ought to write a book on arson, its history, the causes, and its detection. I promise you I would buy a copy.

You might like The Library Book. It’s mostly about the largest library fire in American history.

Thank you. I had read the free sample a few months ago.

Well, there’s always “Fahrenheit 451.”

It’s not arson if the government does it.

What exactly are you looking for that you’re not finding? I found plenty of books on arson on amazon. Fire investigation, biopics, psychology, arsonist profiles (and for some reason a hell of a lot of romance novels, but I’m guessing those aren’t of interest to you).

Here’s a few:

For a unique perspective, see if you can find a copy of “Points of Origin” by fire investigator (and convicted serial arsonist) John Orr.

What do you mean “no good books”?

There’s the Argonautika of Apollonius of Rhodes, and…

Oh, sorry, that’s Jason and the Argonauts, not Arson and the Arsonists.

Joseph Wambaugh book about the Orr case:

Well, a common thread connecting arsonists is that they are endlessly fascinated by fire. In fact, they are consumed (no pun intended here) by the subject.


Just sayin’ …

Points of Origin is not available on Kindle.
Fire Lover is and looks very interesting.
Attacking the Violent Crime of Arson: A Report on America?s Fire Investigation Units is more like what I am after. It is not available on Kindle.
The Psychology of Arson: A Practical Guide to Understanding and Managing Deliberate Firesetters Exactly what I want. It is also $50. Textbooks are a racket.
The Arsonist Profiles: Analyzing Arson Motives and Behavior is not available on Kindle.
Fire Investigator: Principles and Practice to NFPA 921 and 1033 is $73.
*Fire Cops: On the Case with America’s Arson Investigators * may be worth a look.
Thank you all, Wambaugh, a well-know author seems the best bet.

The Wambaugh book is very good.

They were planning to write one, but the author was fired.

You should try to get both; the latter is about the author of the former, who turned out to be an arsonist.

^Another case of not reading the whole thread. :o

I suppose “The Rat On Fire” by George V. Higgins wouldn’t do?

You’d think that would be the place to find books on arson…

(And there doesn’t seem to be anything about arson on, either…weird)

Try Tinder.

Wife and I just listened to the audiobook American Fire, by Monica Hesse. Lots of fun.