There are only two places I don't get 3g for my phone

My house and where I work.

I am desolate for you.


I have noticed a correlation between lack of 3G and snowmobile-crossing signs.

My favorite post of the day :D.

If you can’t get service at home or work, why do you have the phone?

I don’t get service at my house either. It’s the only place locally that I don’t. 100 ft away from the house in any direction? Fine.

It sucks.

I don’t get service in either place. I have to step outside when I want to use my 3G (AND the phone function, as well). This is why I bought a wireless router…

Thought for sure it was gonna be ‘inside and outside’.

How do you tell?

I have a BB Storm. It shows 3 bars and that little upside down umbrella thing (what the hell is that supposed to be anyway).

And below that, it says 1XEV.

GPS uplink?

When I go visit friends, sometimes they don’t have 4G service. It’s really sad how long it takes things to load on 3G. :frowning:

The only place I don’t get 3G is in my house. In Summer. In the winter, it works just fine… but when the trees have leaves, my signal drops to damn near 'nuthin.