There are suprisingly few descriptions of the summit of Everest

Alexa tells me more than 4100 people have been to the top of Everest.

But I can’t find any descriptions of the summit on line.

[li]How big is the summit?[/li][li]What is the basic shape?[/li][li]How level is it?[/li][li]How many people can stand or sit there are one time?[/li][li]How cold?[/li][li]How windy?[/li][/ul]

Surely out of 4100 people there were at least a few writers. I would think some of them would have shared a detailed description of the top of the world.

Google Earth isn’t your friend? I never realized how rapidly the north and west faces dropped off. Actually until now I never bothered to think of looking at it.

Jon Krakauer did a decent job of describing it in Into Thin Air. Good read no matter what.

I think most people are too focused on drawing their next breath to pay much attention to details around them.

Oh that’s not true. They take tons of photos. Just most of the photosgive no context.

It’s covered in trash.

And there’s a Starbucks.:slight_smile:


Most of the books written are about the tortures of going up and coming back down, with most of the geological descriptions limited to the obstacles encountered. I’ve read a number of them, harrowing all.

I know it’s big enough to land a helicopter on it.

My future memoir:

**Cold. Damn. Gotta get back down.
Before dark. Man, it’s cold. This way down.
Base Camp. Ah… Beer.



Ain’t that some shit?

Then I guess its big enough for the top of the ski lift. :wink:

Same can be said fot the Great Pyramid. It is flat on top, because they were the easiest blocks to dislodge and remove. A flat surface about the size of a bedroom. There is patchy grass, a few little shrubs, rowing up there. I don’t think they let people climb up there anymore.

Who else grabbed Street View Man?

Obligatory video.

I came here to say this, too. Loved the book, I’ve read it about 6x.

Oddly enough I was surprised at how level the other slopes are, perhaps because most of the summit pictures were taken from them and toward the dropoffs. I had assumed the top was the only place one could stand comfortably but the pictures show others standing casual-ish on the lighter slopes.

Not for the alien spaceships to land on? I’m so disillusioned.

I think Elvis and Jimmy Hoffa are up there.

I was just there a couple of months ago. No, they don’t let tourists climb up the Pyramids any more.

Guilty! :smiley:

Interesting photo of the trash at the top. Does it just blow away every year or does it freeze and get “stuck” there?

A buddy of mine did it recently, it only took a $100 bribe to the locals. Many ‘forbidden’ attractions work on the same policy :slight_smile:

Generally speaking, tourists usually go to the Everest Base Camp, and if they want to climb higher than it, you should apply for the Mountaineering License which is issued by the Tibet Mountaineering Association.You can know more details on this page.