There is a bluetooth ghost in my room!

I just updated my macbook pro to Yosemite. It looks gorgeous, yeah. But… I opened the bluetooth settings and… there is a device near by me that I didn’t use for at least 4 years. This means that it could not possibly be on - I never even used it on this computer. How the hell then is my computer finding this device? This computer never had contact with s Knight before!

Can it be saved from an older computer into the apple cloud? does apple do that?

Probably found a reference to it in one of your phone’s settings-files.

Nope, I didn’t had apple products when I had this device. It never found this device before. My old phones are all turned off.

It isn’t finding it - it’s just a preference file that tells the computer what devices you have connected to in the past. Just delete it.

When I first got an Android phone, I had a few situations where Google on my iPad knew things I had done on my phone. Like an iPad search auto completing to what I had earlier searched for on my phone. It was convenient, but a bit freaky. Now I expect that sort of thing.

Ok. I found my emergency phone inside my bag. I bring it with me turned off in case of an emergency. Somehow the phone was on. With bluetooth activated.

I think you have to expect these sorts of backward temporal loops to crop up occasionally when you have (or are) a Tardis.

So, Bluetooth is timey wimey?