There is a "salsa" that I would love to buy in bulk, but I can't.

I know great salsas. I worked at a place that made some of the most simple, yet almost perfect salsas ever. It is no more. I love many salsas, and I love to experiment.

Mangoes, cilantro, even apples have been in a few salsas that I thought were awesome. I love cilantro, so that automatically makes at least a few people question my salsa credentials, but I don’t care.

Here is my confession: I really, really like the “Hot Picante sauce” that McDonalds serves with their breakfast burritos.

Some may call it glorified ketchup, and they would not be that far off. However, it tastes really good to me, especially on breakfast burrito type foods.

According to the package fine print: Made in the USA for exclusive use by McDonalds Restaurants McDonalds Corporation, Oak Brook IL 60521

McDonalds cant be selling that many breakfast burritos to warrant their own salsa facility.

So, can I get this stuff anywhere else? I could never eat this stuff on a chip, but it is near perfect on a breakfast burrito IMO.