There is a spider in my keyboard

No, it’s not a black widow. :wink:

It’s one of those yellowish house spiders, you occasionally see lounging around the house.

For some reason it decided to insinuate itself in between the F9 & F10 keys on the keyboard for about an hour and now I fear it has slipped into the innards where it will probably end up getting smushed by one of the keys when someone, probably me, is typing. In fact, it could have happened while I was typing this.

Hmm, I was really looking forward to reading this one :smiley:

Well, that’s certainly weird…

Why don’tcha shake 'im out?

How can you type! Throw it away! Far far away!
A spider in your keyboard and you can calmly post?
Good lord have you no fear?

Well, it’s a helluva lot better than having a spider in your pants!

You need a cat. Cat + spider = spider converted to kitty treat.

Yeah. But it´s hiding in his keyboard. Cat + keyboard = annoying at best, scary at worst.
At least my cat always types “666” when he walks over the keyboard, and then calmly trots away. I wouldn´t trust him with pawing a spider from between the keys - who knows what scary messages he might write in the process…

Count your blessings, Payton’s Servant.

I once had a baby lizard pop out from underneath the ‘Enter’ key. (ewww…lizards…ick!)
And another time, a lizard fell on my keyboard while I had a coffee cup in my hand. The lizard left fairly promptly, but my ensuing yell and startle response ensured that the keyboard became intimately acquainted with cheap Nescafe.

Lizards hate me.
(Ick!! Lizards! Creepy things!)

I had a lizard fall off the celling onto me while I was on tech support and I started screaming.
Damn lizad.

rofl. funny stuff :slight_smile:

I was once on holiday in Italy and woke up in the dead of night suddenly for no reason at all, feeling something was very wrong.

I turned on the light and right by the edge of the bed was a scorpion.

Lover at the time tried to bash it in with a rolled-up copy of The Spectator, which I can share with you is about as useful as a chocolate teapot for killing scorpions.

I left the top down on my Rabbit convertible in the fall, and a mouse got in my car. I noticed it while driving.

Little guy was scampering around in there for days, and I had to drive with my pants tucked into my socks to avoid a really good anecdote.