There is actually a special college for home schooled evangelicals -

I had no idea this place existed.

Found out from this article
German reporter goes underground at Patrick Henry College
Here is the school’s website

That’s not a College, that’s a Boot Camp. More like a madrasa*.

  • Yes, I’m aware that I’m misusing the actual word.

If their internet access is filtered of any unGodly content, I guess they won’t be reading the SDMB, will they?:stuck_out_tongue:

Once you remove the “unGodly content” from the internet you’re pretty much restricted to Conservapedia and

What the hell are African-Americans doing in that list? Are they somehow considered unChristian? Are Stormfront or Mein Kampf among the “66 books of the Bible in its entirety?”

The whole thing is absurd, but that’s especially revealing.

What? You can do anything at ZomboCom! The only limit is yourself!!! Satanist propoganda! Secular Humanist temptation! The voice of the devil!!! Ban it! Block it! Save the children!!!


Ironically, it would be better to say that this school is exactly what these people think a madrasa actually is.

It’s either revealing about the school if it keeps out blacks (doubtful) but may also be revealing about the author’s prejudices.

If they were all homeschooled by insane-right fundie parents, I’ll bet a significant number of them have been in a classroom with gays.

PHC is in my neck of the woods and I remember reading about it when it was first established about a decade ago.

Here’s the twist, though. Unlike most fundie schools like Liberty and Regent, PHC students have very high SAT scores. It was also a feeder school for Bush administration jobs at one point, IIRC. No big surprise there, I suppose.

This is not, however, to defend the school, whose very existence I find somewhat disheartening.

A friend linked to a different article from 2005 about Patrick Henry that focused on how they train students to be politically savvy aides. God and Country. They were really proud of just how deeply they were embedded in Bush’s administration. I’m really curious how their numbers are doing currently.

African-Americans are not in that list. Nothing in the OP’s second quote appears in either link. I don’t know what astro is quoting, but it’s neither the linked article nor the school’s website.

It’s from here which was linked to in the article with the words american madrassa.

The summary of the German article seems to be inaccurate in at least some particulars:

My German is non-existent but I’m pretty sure “Ronald Reagan” translates as “Ronald Reagan.” There’s no mention of Reagan in the German article.

The thirteenth stroke of a clock is not only clearly wrong itself, but casts grave doubt on the accuracy of the preceding twelve.

I don’t think the reporter is saying that Patrick Henry College excludes gays or blacks - he/she is asserting that no home-schooled students have ever been in a classroom with gays or blacks. Which may or may not be the case.


K. Credits are non-transferable. Tuition is non-refundable.

The “66 books” part is actually aimed at non-Protestants. The Protestant biblical canon contains sixty-six books. The Catholic Church has seventy-three books and the Orthodox church has seventy-eight books.

The paragraph you quoted is not a summary of Coen’s article.

In that case, it’s unclear to me what the source is for the Ronald Reagan claim. The author appears to have fabricated it.

He is no more claiming that they kneel to pictures of Ronald Reagan than he is claiming that the biology professor discusses the frolics of Jesus with dinosaurs or that Waterboarding Your Way to World Dominance 101 is a real class.