"There is no God" is an opinion, not a fact.

I’m getting more than a little tired of people popping in to almost every religious GD thread just to categorically state that there is no God as if it’s a proven fact. You and many others believe there is no God, I and many others believe there is. Neither opinion is more valid than the other.

For you link freaks, this is the thread that inspired this. This should not be construed as a pitting of I Love Me, Vol. I.

Stop stating your opinion as fact. That is all.

Easter’s coming up, WOO. I saw the easter bunny’s foot print once, that was all I needed to see to reassure me of his existance.

Seriously though, the fact that their statement that “there is no God,” is preceded by their username, then clearly it is an opinion. I would assume that post people would be able to identify it as such.

post = most

Evangelistic athiests are just as annoying as any other type of preacher.

But they are far, far rarer.

Stop your whining, Godboy. You say you believe in God. I assume you mean the all-good, all-powerful, omnipresent deity of the Bible, the one that keeps His eye on the sparrow, yes? Given the conditions stipulated, there are implications of your god’s existence that should be clearly visible. Perhaps sparing all children under a certain age from dying horribly in the depths of the sea in the recent disaster? That would show that a benign supernatural power acts in the world.

Face it–every claim you lot make about your god’s existence is easily refuted. There’s no God. Can I prove it? But then I can’t disprove invisible pixies that steal socks out of the dryer, doesn’t mean that I have to believe in them. A line form Marlowe’s “The Jew of Malta” quoted in a book review I read today fits well with my opinion of gods and their devotees, “I count religion but a childish toy,/ And hold there is no sin but ignorance.”

And how, gobear, are you any different from the Campus Preachers who stand around my university and preach about how I’m wrong and they’re right?

And since when do you have atheists knocking on your door to tell you the good news of God’s nonexistence? How many atheists in polyester suits do you see begging for bucks on TV? How about atheists preaching hateful jihads against gays and Muslims? If the gullible didn’t pass laws and run the country on the advice of these religious fakirs and conmen, atheists wouldn’t have to speak up in defense of reason and critical thinking.

Tell you what…You prove to us there is a God.

If he exists it won;t be hard will it?

How many atheists stand around your university and preeach? Note that I didn’t start this thread, I’m just responding to it–so typical, that resistance to Godder BS is to be accused of preaching.

Actually “there´s a God” is an opinion, not a fact, since facts are this little pesky things that can be proved by empirical evidence and/or logical arguments.

You´re, of course, entitled to your opinion, but stop stating it as a fact.

Not your actions, gobear, your state of mind. That ridiculous “I’m right. You’re wrong. Too bad you don’t have the faith/intellect/whatever to understand that I’m informed and you’re ignorant.”

Why do you feel the need to compare people’s deep-set, fundamental belief systems to “invisible pixies?” Why do you feel the need to rain down pejoratives? “Godder BS?” Where the hell does that come from?

You come across as no more tolerant than any hardcore baptist I’ve ever seen screaming hellfire and brimstone.

Without an empirical definition of God it’s not even sensible to say it doesn’t exist.

“there is no blork” is also an opinion, not a fact.
I prefer to just say that humans have never discovered anything in the universe which would necessitate the existence of a “God,” or to be more scientific about it, we have never found a reason to believe that anything beyond the normal physical universe exists or that the physical laws of the universe have ever failed to obtain.

Being told that I’m an inherently ignorant person based on the fact that I can’t not believe in a higher power is extremely insulting. Each day, I, along with many other theists, conduct my life and make my decisions based on rationality and science and humanism, and other things that atheists tout as acceptable and desireable. Whether I believe in God, Apollo, Athena, Allah, Vishnu, Kali, Sky Coyote, or the our own Wonderful and Magical Sky Pixie, is really irrelevant. I’d no sooner criticize one’s faith than I would one’s sexual practices, and as long as they’re not trying to cover me in whipped cream, spank my ass, and call me the Pink Ranger while fucking my brains out, it’s none of my business*. I might think it’s disgusting or unsanitary–hell, I might know damn well it IS–but I have the common decency and class not to bring it up**. All I expect is that other people exercise the same common courtesy, and I feel fully justified in thinking that anyone who doesn’t–theist or atheist–is being an asshole.

I’m not an atheist. I don’t preach to anyone. I am a theist, and I’ve been criticized and condescended to by both evangelical Christians and atheists, and, I’ve got to say, no matter who it comes from, it’s just as annoying. Just because the majority of it comes from people of faith doesn’t mean that us nice people of faith don’t get annoyed when it comes from the other end.

(For the record, despite the username, I’m not a fundamentalist Christian or anything of the sort. I’m an agnostic theist, and I am not Christian. Just to dispel any, “of course you believe it’s offensive, God-girl!” responses that this type of thread invariably attracts).

[sub]* - Unless they’re hot.

** - Unless the point of the thread or discussion is the existence of a divine being. In that case, such comments are a valuable part of discussion, and should not be excluded. Pissing on a discussion about, say, the philosophy of Thomas Aquinas by going “there is no God!” is, however, quite different.[/sub]

Not to speak for gobear who is more than capable of speaking for himself, but the fact that someone’s belief in a diety is “fundamental” or “deep-set” has fuck-all to do with anything. Something doesn’t become true just because someone believes it really really hard.

They’re both opinions. Two thousand years since the birth of Christ and no one has been able to conclusively prove either way. Faith doesn’t work like that (be it faith in a god or faith that there is none). Many scientists believe that there is a god, many don’t. Point being that neither belief is a fact, and we shouldn’t treat either of them as if they are.

Originally posted by Gobear

The sparrow is nearly extinct.

Tolerance is overrated. Not all beliefs are equally right or equally good, no matter how important they are to the person holding them. Can’t people just make statements anymore without having to add all sorts of qualifiers and in advance? All statements about God are someone’s opinion. That should be obvious. So basically, I agree with Duderdude2

You seem to have tolerance confused with gullibility. I’m plenty tolerant; for example, I don’t organize ordinances in states to ban Christians from getting legally married. Tolerance is putting up with people, not agreeing with them. I have no problem with theists doing their God thing til their eyes bubble–good for them. But I object that the idea that tolerance is never to disagree with them. There’s no God, and barring any miracles, I’m not going to change that stance. Saying I don’t believe in God and that people who do are wrong is not intolerant, anymore than telling people that perpetual motion can’t happen is, no matter how hard they believe.

However, I really do hate fundies, not because they are Jesus groupies, but because they are a direct danger to freedom and individual liberty in this country.