There is really no good reason for this thread. I'm just saying what my benefits are at my new job

Some of them anyway.

3% of my salary is automatically added to my retirement account, with no contribution necessary from me.

Another up to 3% is added as a match to any contribution I make.

So for a 3% contribution, I actually net a 9% contribution.

Moreover, HSA contributions are also matched. And if they are not used, they completely roll over, and if they are not used by age 55 (or something thereabouts), they can be rolled over into a retirement account. Meanwhile between now and then, once it hits $2400, it can be invested.

Also if I die my wife becomes a half-millionaire.

Medical insurance for my wife and I is about $128/mo. (SO much super cheaper than what we were paying before.) It is a high deductible HSA, but those matched HSA contributions! It’s like the company is paying the deductible almost!

(If you’re wondering about the kids’ insurance, ahem I STILL qualify for medicaid for my kids so they’re super cheap as well, thank you taxpayers and I will pay you back…)

There’s some other stuff I don’t remember but that’s the gist of it.

Maybe this is all completely normal. Maybe it’s positively low-end. I have no idea. But holy crap we’ve never had anything like this before.

I got a Jimmy-Johns sandwich for working on Thanksgiving Day. So there!

Always kiss her goodnight.

And the two words we must always live by

“Yes, dear”

If somebody had a half-million motive to kill me and didn’t know it, I probably wouldn’t post it on the Web…

Holy crap, that’s exactly what *my *old job used to pass out as “benefits”.

Bennies you say, we got bennies:

  • 6% employee retirement contribution with an equal employer match. So 12% to retirement each month.

-$25,000 life insurance with a chance to buy a supplemental plan.

  • Annual leave accumulation up to 320 hours. It does not reset and if you leave or retire you get paid for all of it.

  • Sick leave accumulates indefinitely. If you leave or retire, you get paid 25% of it up to a total accumulation of 1920 hours (which would be 480 hours). 40 hours of sick leave can be used for personal leave each calendar year.

  • Health insurance is free for the employee. Although you have to pick a deductible plan with the lowest deductible at $750. There is also a cafeteria plan for vision and dental and HSA, etc.

  • There is also longevity pay which begins at 7 years of service and is paid at your anniversary date.

I work at a hospital and the best benefit hands down is that any surgery at the hospital is $150. Period. Of course that does not include the physician’s fee, but since most physicians are employed by the hospital, they charge $50. So I could have a heart-lung transplant for under $500.

…while you’d remain… well lets face it. Dead.

I’d suggest that you be good to your wife. Very good.
(…what can it hurt? :wink: )

My benefits are crap. Our health care is expensive and shitty (a big F-you to Harvard Pilgrim Health), no 401K matching, no other financial incentives. BUT, I kinda like working here anyhow, and the salary is decent. My boss lets me run my departments pretty much the way I like and stays out of my hair. I also got 25,000 options on stock last month, so that could turn out to be fairly lucrative. Someday. Maybe.

And when she serves dinner, switch plates with her when she’s not looking.

Or not. I giggled at the VP, at my old job, when he got to that part of the contract.

My current benefits are…okay, I guess. Nothing special. The job I turned down, though- they matched up to 20 percent, and since I already put in 20%, we would have maxed out every year. I just couldn’t see living in that area, though.

Here, they match up to 4%, but only at half the amount the employee puts in.

My second week at my new job, they took my whole team out to race go-karts.

Yeah, yeah, health insurance, 401k, all that too. But go-karts!