There seems to be a lot of people who don't have access to lawyers

Why is that? Even people who are otherwise responsible.

I know a lot of people who don’t have lawyers, don’t know any lawyers, or don’t have any access to them. I find that kind of strange, lawyers are definitely people you’ll need sooner or later.

I don’t “have” a lawyer, nor do I know any lawyers.

If I need a lawyer, I’ll simply hire one. I’m 44, and I’ve only needed one in my life.

Most people don’t have the disposable income to keep one on retainer.
And if they did, they’d still probably just go hire one when needed.

You sir, live a charmed life. :slight_smile:

For really serious stuff, yeah you do have to pay a lawyer. But, as for minor stuff such as getting out of a speeding ticket…you don’t necessarily have to pay a lawyer.

What do you mean, “access to lawyers”? Like, you need a lawyer, so you ask your Mom, and she sends you to the family lawyer for a consultation? Or instead of Mom, you ask around your cell block for references?

If you need a lawyer, open up the phone book. If the lawyer you picked to call at random can’t help you, he’s got a buddy who specializes in cases of your type that he’d be happy to steer some business to.

But no, you aren’t going to find a bunch of lawyer waiting to take your case for free, if that’s what you mean. Lawyers work for money. However, if you cannot afford an attorney, one might be appointed for you. If you’re facing criminal prosecution that is.

“lawyers are definitely people you’ll need sooner or later.”

Very apt and funny when these are some of the other threads by the OP:
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“Ever operated heavy machinery while drunk or on meds?”

“What tips off police to drug possession?”

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"How do cops know I’m sober? "

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“I’ve been off my meds!”

Lame shtick is lame.

I’m not talking about myself, I have access to several lawyers.

Yes you can find lawyers who do stuff for free or a small charge, as long as it isn’t very serious. You just gotta network.

I really have no idea what this is supposed to mean?

I happen to know a lot of lawyers, socially and through work. I would be surprised to learn that nearly any of them has ever “needed” one personally. It’s not about “charmed life” either.

Wow… I must be charmed too!!! I’ve made it 51 years without needing one.

I don’t “have” one, but I probably have a half dozen or more in the contacts list on my phone… as friends though, not for professional reasons. I spent last weekend with a couple. Heck, I’ve got a State Supreme Court Justice that I could walk across the street to and ring his doorbell (yes, he would answer and know my first name).

Really? Seriously. Speeding tickets? Bankruptcy? Medical malpractice? Wills? Divorce? Power of Attorney? The list goes on and on. Never needed a lawyer? Wow, that’s cool if you never been in those situations.

I’m just confused why some people aren’t motivated to find one. I thought a lawyer would be on the list of people you want to have access to…like auto mechanics, club owners, hotel managers, and police.

Oh, and some lawyers won’t take people without a reference.

I agree that most people will need a lawyer maybe a handful of times in their life.

A lot of people only look for people like that when there’s an urgent need for it. Same as auto mechanics.

Why do people want to have ready access to club owners and hotel managers?

I don’t know any club owners or hotel managers.

You’ll want to know auto mechanics and hotel managers to get nice discounts; club owners to get free entry, sometimes free drinks, and possibly free VIP.

Really… yes, Seriously… yes.

Speeding tickets… had a few. Mailed a few in, went in front of the Judge for one (I think I was too young). My defense consisted of me looking at my shoes and saying “sorry”. The Judge’s response was “Slow it down next time… I’ll reduce it to the minimum.” Paid about $50 and left. No lawyer involved.

Medical Malpractice… I go to good doctors.

Wills… simple computer program… basically says split everything evenly among our kids.

Divorce… 25 years and counting… haven’t needed one yet.

Power of Attorney… ok, I guess my wife’s family used one for that. My wife called one of her best friends who doesn’t handle this type of law, but she recommended a friend. Took a couple of days tops. It isn’t like we have her on retainer.

Access to an auto mechanic… sure, it’s called the on-line yellow pages.

Club Owner… WTF? Why would I need to know one?

Hotel Manager… see comment for Club Owner.

Police… I have that number memorized… it’s 911.

Hotel discounts… I join loyalty programs. I’ve already stayed 4 nights for free just this year and have enough points/certs for at least 3 more. Never got to know any of the managers though.

Admission to clubs and VIP… I just take my super model wife with me :slight_smile: (ok, I can’t think of the last time I actually wanted to go to a club)

I didn’t say I didn’t see value in it. Although, I fully expect that I will not enter a “club” for the remainder of my years. At least not willingly.

Getting back to lawyers, since I am one I can see the value in knowing people who can help you get to a good lawyer in the event you need one. The reasons you might need a lawyer are so varied, however, that knowing one or two isn’t likely to match up with what you might need one for. No one expects to be a victim of a medical error, or to get hit by a city bus, or to get fired for being a whistle blower (to list three out of many hundreds of scenarios). You can figure out in advance you need a Will prepared, or perhaps a divorce.

I know lots of Lawyers, and (thankfully) I’ve never needed their services. I plan on keeping it that way as long as I can. I suspect I’ll need to talk to my Dad’s lawyer when he dies, but that hopefully won’t be soon.

Your replies indicate you assume everyone is like you, is living like you are - really, they’re not, really.

I have needed only one lawyer in my 66 years, and it was a unique situation that I probably won’t encounter in my next 66. Yeah, right, I lead a “charmed” life. :rolleyes: