There should be no warnings for straight up hate speech. They should be banned.

I won’t link to the thread as I don’t want to violate any board rules. There was a recent incident on this board wherein someone posted some rather vile hate speech. This person got off with a warning. Frankly, I think this person needs to be banned.

It would be different if what this person did was ambiguous. But it was not. It was straight up hate (racist) and everyone knows it.

If you’re talking about this post, he was banned.

Just took a bit of logistics to get it done. Was there someone else you had in mind?

Are you in a banning kind of a mood?:slight_smile:

The poster in question seemed to be committing suicide by mod, but I did learn a new racial epithet, so there’s that,

Oops. Sorry. :o

Well, then. We’ll consider it a win on two counts. :slight_smile:

Anyone else you had in mind, since we’re chatting? :smiley:

Cecil, I heard he was a sock.

Still, there was another poster who was warned for hate speech recently.

I think it depends on the severity of the hate speech, myself. And, even then, I tend to support giving anyone at least one chance before pulling the trigger, if only because some people are remarkably ignorant about hate speech.

But, of course, the poster you were referencing here had already had multiple chances, and had already been warned for trolling.

A question.

Was the banned poster known for tap dancing up to the line when it came to “hate speech” and warned often?

Or was it a case of run of the mill sorta asshole poster who finally committed a “hate speech” crime and was banned?

If it is the former…I can get behind that…

If it is the latter…well, lets just say that doesn’t sit well with me.

Banned posters typically have a history of many mod notes or warnings and even a suspension or two before banning comes.

So…to answer your question, it was a bit of one and a bit of two.

Anyone who is a “sorta asshole poster” enough times will probably wind up banned if they keep doing it long enough, even if it’s just from time to time.

So a “polychromatic” is a black person?

Maybe I am missing something here but polychromatic refers to multiple colors and thus typically refers to all colors when discussing race.

Also, I have never seen or heard the word “polychromatic” used in a racist sense, and a google search confirms this.

So are we all just assuming that the banned poster used a word that refers to “multiple colors” to specifically indicate racism toward a group with one color?

I just feel there is 2 or 3 levels of reaching going on here and expected a post of blatant racism when we’re talking about banning a poster. That linked post is vague and ambiguous, at best.

I guess the “soap and water” comment is meant to refer to the African-American woman as dirty.

Less vaguely racist, but still quite subtle.

I consider Stringbean my go-to guy when it comes to checking on what is or isn’t racist.

About damn time, and well-deserved.

There’s a recent pit thread where his bigotry is fairly well outlined.

I gotta agree. Every dog is allowed one bite. Let them say what they want, with as few limits as possible – obviously, if they write something threatening, libelous, or inciting to criminality, that’s different – and the SDMB has every right to delete posts that threaten legal action against the board and its owners – but…

Well, even if a neo-Nazi comes blaring in here with “Da JOOz are inferior subhuman trash,” I’d prefer they get one (harsh!) warning, and only get banned if they repeat the offense.

On the other hand, I ain’t gonna shed a single damn tear if the mods decide to ban such a clod at the first offense. It’s hard to defend really ugly speech!

Since you’re asking, there’s that one fellow who claims that everybody of a specific nationality is ugly, but I figure it’s just a matter of time.

Trolls like that are generally instabanned. It’s only when the offense is by someone who’s been a member for a while that there may be some leniency.

Fair enough; I can cope. Mark me down for a great big “Oh! That’s different! Never mind.”

Polychromatic = coloured.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but this definitely has me quaking in *my *boots. HOW AM I TO KNOW IF MY HATE SPEECH CROSSES THE LINE? I’M NOT A MINDREADER HERE.

I have pink toes, and I’m proud!!

Sandal power!!