There used to be more of this didn't there?

I’m looking for websites like this one, but I can’t seem to find any others that are still a going concern (as opposed to, say, this one).

Does anyone have links to weird news sites that are both factual and current?

Please contribute.


Try The Darwin Awards or Snopes. (The Darwin folks seem a bit credulous at times while Snopes (particularly when Barbara is writing) are occasionally too skeptical, but they both provide decent entertainment withsome information.

Not as good as NOTW, but there is Reuters Odd.

The Bondage File is pretty good.

How about

As I was reading the replies I was thinking…“Wow, you mean nobody’s mentioned…could I be the first…?”

But then I saw Dragwyr’s post.

Portal of Evil has a news site: POE News.

Somewhat weird, somewhat disturbing.


link broken

Not work safe, but some seriously strange stuff reported.

I’ll also second

If it’s not work safe, you don’t provide direct links to it.

Joe Bob Briggs’ website has his “Joe Bob’s Week in Review” column posted weekly.

Ananova’s News Quirkies

Thank goodness, I thought I was the only one who’d noticed that. Here, have a banana.

Jim Romenesko’s Obscure Store and Reading Room.

Where every morning is silly season.

My apologies to all. It wasn’t this graphic that last time I was there.

What?? What? I missed it. Whats this broken link thingie???
(darn, now you all got my curiousity going!)

I can’t believe no one has mentioned This Is True yet.

I’ll 3rd **Fark ** Not only do you get odd newstories, you get The Happening Newstories almost as they happen and faster than CNN, et all, it also contains loads of biting sarcasm, cliches and photoshop contests.

If it weren’t for Fark and SDMB, I might actually have a life.

But then I would be just another unwashed goober out there.