There was a good movie in there somewhere...

What movies have you seen that had enough good parts to make a decent movie, but it just never materialized?

I watched The Search for Spock yesterday and found it as bad as I’ve heard everyone say it is. The first half was interesting. The Enterprise is beat up, the crew steals it and escapes the new ship, there’s Klingon’s, and a few other things that I liked. Somewhere in the second half, everything fell apart though. I think there was a good movie in there somewhere, it just never materialized.

Funny People with Adamn Sandler and Seth Rogen.

I don’t know the official length of that movie, but god damn it felt like it went on and on. Sure it had some parts where I laughed but in the end I just wanted it to be over. The potential to be quite a serious movie or quite a humorous movie was there, but I think it tried to do both at the same time and the end results was a resounding meh.

Ang Lee’s version of The Hulk. They had great actors. The writers and director had some good ideas.* They wanted to make a good movie. They tried to make a good movie. It just never quite jelled.

*OK, turning his father into the Absorbing Man was just plain silly. And I was never that fond of the “abusive father” storyline, even in the comics. But they had a lot of good concepts, badly executed.