There was a HOLIDAY. How hard is that to figure out?

Dear fucking moron single mothers and unemployed people,

Monday was a national holiday. State child support and unemployment offices were closed. Banks were closed. It was not a business day. How fucking hard is it to figure out that hey, maybe the money that gets deposited to your account in two business days will be delayed by one day? Not only is this not a difficult concept for anyone with functioning synapses, but it’s the same reason that your money was delayed by one day on every other fucking national holiday. Can you really not remember just two months ago to July 4th when your funds were delayed by a day?

And seriously, when you tell me you always get your funds on Wednesday and I say that they’re delayed by one day, can you honestly not figure out from that when you’ll get the money? Think carefully now…Wednesday plus one day equals…

I guess unemployed people and single mothers need money more than others. Like some people need five bucks. I’m kidding! :smiley:

Hey, the universe revolves around them, Otto, didn’t you get the memo?

I think you meant single parents and unemployed people.

Morons can be a mother or a father!

And sadly, eugenics programs are illegal.

I’m envisioning an illustrated childrens’ book, Are You My Moron?


To be fair, when you’re living paycheck-to-paycheck (or government-assistance-to-government-assistance, I guess), waiting to get the money can seem like an eternity. It’s pretty easy to feel overwhelmed when any little thing blows your budget. :frowning:


W + 1 = X alphabetically

X = 10 in Roman numbers

If you think I’m going to wait an extra 10 days for my money then fuck you :mad: :mad:

Otto, I know that it is very, very likely that you have nothing to do with the established policies and procedures, but why can’t WI keep to the schedule on weeks there is a holiday? I get paid every other Friday, this week being one of the good other Fridays. Even though our offices were closed Monday, I’m still getting paid Friday? I’d wager that none of the state gov’t wage slaves are seeing their paychecks delayed by a day. So why are the support checks delayed?

Now, if they are complaining that they didn’t get paid on Monday, please slap them repeatedly with a large lake trout from one of your many fine lakes.

Yeah, our paychecks work the same way. Payday is Thursday. If there’s a holiday on Thursday, our checks come out on Wednesday. Otherwise, holidays don’t change our paydays.

I’d be annoyed if a holiday delayed my check.

I was going to start my own thread about my husband’s check, but I will just rant here.

Would it fucking kill you assholes to pay my husband on time?

He is supposed to get paid on the 5th and 20th of each month. Is that so hard? You seem to be able to pay early sometimes, why are you going to be late this time? There was a holiday, you say? I’d be willing to cut you some slack if this paycheck was for the pay period that ended on the 31st, but it isn’t. This one ended on the 15th of August, and you’ve had the salesmen’s hard numbers for three fucking weeks. You may be using the holiday for an excuse, but it isn’t valid. If you can’t process payroll in 3 goddamn weeks, you shouldn’t have the job. Jerks.

I can understand the holiday buggering up things like my trash pick-up day, but people should be paid on time. It’s not like public assistance and unemployment amounts change all the time for most of the recipients.

Yeah, our paychecks work the same way. Payday is Thursday. If there’s a holiday on Thursday, our checks come out on Wednesday. Otherwise, holidays don’t change our paydays.

I’d be annoyed if a holiday delayed my check.

Cute! :smiley:

The real fun is when your child support check comes from his unemployment check.

Is there any surprise that the unemployed would not realize it was a holiday, when the holiday is designed to show appreciation of the employed?

Read it again – it takes two days. If one of those days isn’t Monday, then the money doesn’t show up until Thursday.

I don’t know the answer to this, but I’m more than willing to take a wild-ass guess.

My guess is that on the first of the month they print the checks, the checks get picked up by the USPS the next day, and get delivered the day after that. Since September 1 was on the first day of a three-day weekend, that means the checks didn’t even start getting printed until yesterday, are getting picked up by the USPS today, and will be delivered tomorrow.

Of course, one might wonder why the government doesn’t start early in such conditions. I.e., print the checks on Aug. 30, the USPS picks them up on the 31st, and they get delivered on Monday the 4th. But if one does wonder that, one doesn’t know much about how bureaucracies operate. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been there and I understand how frustrating it is to be waiting for that next unemployment check (it’s also frustrating to wait for that next paycheck but I digress). I’m not blaming them for being frustrated at the delay (although the abuse they feel free to dish out to me for it I could live without). I’m blaming them for not being able to figure out that the same delay they had on the last holiday might possibly have something to do with this one.

Wisconsin actually has nothing to do with it since none of the state agencies are WI agencies and the bank through which the money is disbursed AFAIK doesn’t even do business in the state. My company has nothing to do with the disbursement of funds. It gets sent from the state to the bank and from the bank to the card.

Hamsters hate me.

Oh well, so much for my theory then. Never mind. [/Emily Litella]

When you are unemployed, you don’t notice holidays so much.

This right here?

This was worth the $15. :smiley:

Otto, I truly understand the rage the stupid can set off. You have my sympathy.