There was a HOLIDAY. How hard is that to figure out?

Granted, I’m in private industry, not government, but if I have something due on Wednesday that takes two days to do, and Monday is an off day, it gets done on Friday. Like jsgodess, if my payday is a holiday, they move it up, not back, and it is never delayed because some other day that week was a holiday.

Right. I assume both the government and the banks own a calendar and can figure it out in advance so the $$ gets there on the usual day- unless and only unless that specific day is the holiday of course. In which case it can get there the previous Friday.

This isn’t a case of stupid customers as a case of the government and banks wanting to make a day or two more days of interest on the float. Assholes.

Otto, this must be something like your “dozenth” :stuck_out_tongue: PIT rant about your job and/or customers. Maybe, just maybe you’re in the wrong line of work? :confused: Maybe some job without either a boss or customers? :stuck_out_tongue:

And sometimes, both parents are morons. “Heather has two Morons”.

“When I gettin’ my money?”
“Don’t you mean ‘taxpayer’s’ money?”

No. They don’t mean taxpayer money. They mean their money.

I paid into the system for years before the company I worked for folded and I had to draw unemployment. I wasn’t unemployed for a long time and the money was necessary to me at the time.

I hope your company never downsizes or sends jobs overseas. I hope you find empathy for others - period.

The last time I checked, computers- such as the ones at banks responsible for depositing funds into people’s bank accounts- don’t care what day of the week it is. I’m kinda in agreement with the benefit recipients here- there’s no real reason why they can’t get paid anyway, public holiday or otherwise, IMHO.

In an ideal world, we could all pick and choose whatever jobs we liked, and not have to take whatever was going just to make ends meet.

Alas, we don’t live in a perfect world and as a result rather a lot of us are forced to deal with whatever the “real-life” equivalent of n00bs are…

If Social Security can manage to get the money to people either on or (as in this month) before the 3rd – if the 3rd falls either on a weekend or a holiday, I get the money the Friday or else the day before – you’d think other agencies could pull off the same trick. Direct deposit makes it so easy!

Not that it’s hard to understand what you were telling them, Otto, but I do think that your system sucks. Not your fault, but I’d be pissed too, though I wouldn’t yell at you about it.

It depends, though. I know I’ve been in many situations where there isn’t anyone else to complain to, and there’s zero reason these people should have to just shut up and take it.

Also, notice how the OP isn’t saying anything about the system, just the people caught in it, calling them the fucking morons when it isn’t their fault. If he used that attitude on me, he’d get an earful.

I have to call a bit of bullshit on this. The bulk of the work in the banking system is done by computers, it’s not like the President of Money is sitting there signing paychecks with a fountain pen. If email can work on fucking labor day weekend then there’s no reason my paycheck can’t get direct-deposited on fucking labor day weekend. People could be forgiven for expecting that all these fancy electronic computers can do something, oh, automatic maybe? Or do you guys just use those for playing freecell while charging $50 for a returned check?

The government check I get twice a month is always deposited on the Friday before it is due if the due date is Saturday, Sunday, Monday, or a Holiday, or the Tuesday following a holiday.

My bank honors the amount of that check as immediately available funds, for all purposes.

Your customers need a new government, or a new bank.


In Otto’s defense he did specifically state unemployment and child support. Both of these types of payments reply on more than a banking system.

In the case of unemployment a person must mail in, call in or send through the internet a request every two weeks to say they are still in need of their unemployment benefits. This is done on a Sunday so with the holiday being a Monday the people are not there to confirm the request so the check is delayed a day.

In the case of child support the monies are sent to child support which then in turn cuts a check to the custodial parent. Since the people submitting the money to child support are not in the office due to the holiday then the check is delayed a day.

Of course my child support should have been deposited yesterday but it was not. I swear in the 16 years I have been getting child support ANY holiday that has the CSEA workers off work results in more than a one day delay. It is always several days to a week.
For Social Security or disabilty the monies are already there. There is nothing preventing them from mailing those monies early because of a holiday.


Oh, some beans.


Well, you’re certainly free to call bullshit on it all you want. I agree with you that there should be no delay based on the holiday. Sadly, what should be and what is are too often not the same.

I got your back Otto. I too, have too listen to people complain a lot. The difference is I get their money, so in the end it’s ok. But if a little bitching on a message board helps to keep you from telling them to f’ off and go to work every day, what the hell. Some times even the most minor bitch gets jumped on around here. I see you don’t let it stop you. I wouldn’t either.

Must be some pissed off men in here who have to help pay for what they helped create. CHILDREN !!!
When there is a holiday banking is done the day before, anything after 3 pm the day before a holiday the transaction goes thru the next business day. Someone is sucking up some interest from holding that money an extra day.
There are women out there in this world that pay child support too, not just men ! More men are now threatening the mothers to take custody “only” to not pay child support, and to get "paid " the child support, and most cases they were no father before they left, and they are no father after they left !
Its all about money to you assholes. There is more to raising kids, then money fuckface ! If half you men out there would stop sniffing so much booty you may not have that many kids to worry about. THe fathers half the time dont want custody because they cant handle the entire responsibility of raising kids, and they like their freetime wayyyy to much !
SO you stupid oxymoron wipe the shit off your face, and face the facts that your a loser.

And it only took three years for you to work up outrage…

Ummm, you do realize that this is a 3+ year old thread, and that the originator of it was banned?

(Balls. Beaten to the punch, dammit)

No actually Ive never seen it before. Threads are created and they linger. People just stop posting on them. IM glad he got banned.