There was a HOLIDAY. How hard is that to figure out?

The funny part is its not the payers fault its a day late. Cuz the money is deposited the next business day to you. You just dont have access it to it until the day after that. FACT.

I don’t think “oxymoron” means what you think it means.


I don’t think you’re smart enough to post at the Dope. You should leave.


Another thing that is interesting in all this child support crap, is that its the law. If you dont pay child support, you lose your drivers license, get wage garnishments, and sometimes a writ filed against you. Thats for the dead beats., and anyone who decides they want to fall into this cat.
The willing payer of child support , and the not so willing payer all have to pay DRS an annual fee to make these payments to the receiving party of 25.00- whatever the going fee rate is. Then if the receiver has an eppicard which it is deposited, the card issuer charges fee’s at many locations to access your account, and withdraw money. Many places you make purchases with those cards put a $1 holding charge on that card also.
Now where is this fair that DSF ( government paid employees) and the card company have the right to take any monies for what is the law to do ?
Especially an ATM machine. THose cards should be exempt from any fees at all ATM locations.

I don’t think that “your” means what s/he thinks it does, either.

Oh Im smart enough. But I guess when the bluff is called upon some don’t like it. Have a great day !

I am certainly calling upon your bluff.

Did you actually call somebody an oxymoron?

ETA: whoah, simulposts.

smartassattitudeadjustment, could I trouble you to share with us the activities that led to you finding this thread?

Do we need to an add an IQ test to the registration agreement? Apparently so.

Zombies don’t TAKE holidays, bitch!

I think you mean:
Zombies dont take holiday’s, bitch!

I’m sorry. I think it’s:

Zombies dont take holiday’s , BITCH !!!

What’s going on here? Did the Zealot create a sock?

I certainly hope so! Otherwise it would mean that there is more than one person out there that crazy.

Well, we did just have another holiday.

But if we do, the oxymorons won’t be able to post, and that would be a shame!

I for one would like to thank SAAA for her (I’m guessing) insightful comments.

I was having a fairly rough day what with idiots I wasn’t allowed to laugh at balthering on about things they had no idea about. It’s nice to have the opportunity to giggle without getting fired.

When the zombies chase us, I’m tripping anyone in my way!