There's a frog in my house, how can I get him out

I don’t really want to kill him. thanks

Wet your hands, pick him up and carry him outside. Assuming you don’t live in the Amazon, frogs are completely harmless and quite safe to handle.

Cup your hands and cover the frog. Now contain the frog in your hands and let it go outside.

Don’t be afraid, it just wants a kiss!

My cat brought a frog in the house, but we didn’t find it until I swept under the couch and out pops the frog, perfectly poised, looking ready to jump but it was quite dead and stiff.

They’re kinda cute too.

If you can’t catch him, or don’t want to pick up his slimy self, you could try to trap him under a Tupperware container or something like that. Slide a piece of cardboard underneath to form a little froggy prison, and put the little dude outside. He’ll be happier out there.

We tend to get a frog in our basement about once a week or so. My wife loves to catch them.*

It’s just a frog. It’s not gonna kill you. Just pick it up and take it outside.

*Yeah, I’m a little worried about how, exactly, the frogs keep getting in. But hey, it’s just a rental house.

Also, if you can’t catch him with your hands, you can throw a towel over him and then bring him outside.

I used to do just that with the lizards lolling around in our southwest US home. Worked like a charm.

I think you have all missed the seriousness of the problem. You see, once the OP gets the frog halfway out of the house, he’ll have halfway left to go. Having covered half the remaining distance, he’ll have half that distance to cover. And so on…

The only solution is to catch flies and set an extra place at the table. I recommend a terry cloth tea towel for the chair as frogs, for the most part, are not amenable to house training.

Now, if someone could help me with my problem: My friend Erwin has a cat he needs to put down…

Never mind…missed the joke! :slight_smile:

Or not. Never know till you look.

I asked him to try your suggestion and the animal went under the bed and became entangled in an afghan; verschränkung felines!

If you have a problem because the frog jumps unexpectedly (or sings and dances too much), then bring over some friends. He will suddenly stop performing and you can then grab him and place him outside. Note that he will not go away, but will continue to perform - as long as no one else is around. Do not let this press upon your sanity.

Disney suggests that is not a good idea.

Sorry, SiX…when I realized that I’d missed the Schrödinger reference completely, I edited and you apparently composed your response while I was editing, making your response nonsensical as it didn’t have my original post to play off of. :o

And don’t forget to wash your hands after carrying the frog. Otherwise, what you eat will taste like chicken.

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Yeah, that’s the ticket.

That explains all those other posts of mine as well. Will you people please stop editing while I’m composing!

If that IS just a frog no problem.
If you are in one of the southern states (texas, florida ect.)
That might be a toad that oozes something really nasty.

I would not touch it until I found out just what it was.

If his skin looks dry, I’d wet my hands before picking him up; no sense in hurting his skin. Carry him outside to a stream, pond, or puddle, preferably with a little shade.

If it’s a toad and he pees on you, you can either wash your hands or amputate them.

I was a bit unclear with my last post
I was thinking about the vomit toad, (I think the name says it all) it is not JUST disgusting to touch, but oozes toxins.
do not touch that guy with a wet hand, plastic gloves at the least,
and throw the gloves away after.