There's a special place in Hell for you, DaimlerChrysler

I heard on ABC News tonight that DaimlerChrysler is discontinuing the Jeep Cherokee.

God damn you bastards.

I understand that there might be a grudge or two against the Jeep vehicle. But you bought Chrysler, and along with it the Jeep line of vehicles. You had a responsibility, like previous owners of the Jeep line, to maintain that line’s integrity and variety.

Apparently, you don’t understand a fucking thing about this kind of responsibility. It’s all business to you, isn’t it? Sure your sales were bad this year. So were Ford’s and GM’s, but you don’t see Chevrolet cutting the Suburban from their line, now do you? In your eyes, the Jeep Cherokee is just another vehicle that doesn’t make a difference to the world.

In the eyes of YOUR CUSTOMERS, however, the Jeep Cherokee and all other Jeeps in the line are much more than mere vehicles. During its 60+ years of existence, the name “Jeep” as applied to this line of vehicles has gained a reputation as a reliable, rugged, faithful vehicle. Jeep owners love their vehicles for everything they have done and everything they are capable of doing. And we don’t need you, DaimlerChrysler, to decide what vehicle is best for us. We’ve known for 60 years. If you don’t understand this, your company and your damn sales figures will be better off selling the Jeep division to someone who does.

Thank you.


I disagree. They have no responsibility to keep a line that loses money. Why would they?

What is so holy about the Jeep Cherokee?

Daimler-Benz also screwed Chrysler over by replacing the oringal Chrysler upper-level management recently, when they originally promised not to …


I cant wait to tell my ex!!
I told her not to spend my child support money on that piece of crap- now we know why they were getting rid of them so fast!!!

Um, they’re just discontinuing the Cherokee. Not the entire line. Who cares?

Uhhh… If they discontinue the Cherokee, what is left? Just the Wrangler, right? It seems weird to have a brand with just one model.

(I have an '84 J-10 myself.)

I care.

It’s a damn fine vehicle.

Well, think how much more valuable YOUR Cherokee will be. An instant collectible! :rolleyes:

For my money Jeep went to Hell in a handbasket when they made the modifications necessary to keep them from rolling over in turns when going over three miles per hour. Goddamn car was good enough for George S Patton–shoulda been good enough for any REAL man. Goddamn safety faggots! Shoulda just closed the line down forever then. Goddamn cars aren’t worth a good goddamn anymore with their roofs and air conditioning and seat belts and roll bars. Fairy cars!

Oh God! I’m channeling my grandfather!


Wait, you believed them?


Nope, they’re introducing a new Jeep later this year…the Liberty or somesuch.

Actually the quality Cherokees varies WILDLY year to year. Some years models are crap with a capital “C”.

Christ, I feel so uninformed. No one asked me how I felt!

No more Jeeps? I feel that same sinking in my gut that I felt when Harley sold out to AMF in the 70s.

<Sigh> …Goodbye America.

How come I didn’t see such a thread when GM canned Oldsmobile, hmmmm?

DC has got some work to do, fixing the not-so-smooth un-merger.

Aww, crap! That was the model I wanted to get when I purchased my next car (in another 8 years! :wink: ). Oh well, I guess it’s either a Pathfinder, Xterra or that new electric model by Toyota.

No, really, I’m serious. Why is everyone laughing?

Jeep still has the Wrangler, the Grand Cherokee, and is introducing the new Liberty (I think that’s the name) which is slotted in between.

The Cherokee has been basically the same vehicle since it’s introduction in 1984 (?) so it’s not surprising that they are replacing it with an all new vehicle. Would you have prefered if they used the old name on the new truck?

C’mon people, wake up! They’re not cancelling a part of the Jeep line because of a business decision. They’re doing it because Jeeps kicked their wussy German asses back in WWII. It’s retribution people. It’s the first step towards another world domination attempt.
Wait, that was the introduction of the new Beetle. OK, it’s the second step.
If we don’t fight back, if we don’t take arms against a sea of troublemeisters, we’ll all be eating brats on Thanksgiving and saluting Kaiser Schrempp before sending our 9 year olds off to the factories to make more German car parts.
Notice that they started with the Jeep Cherokee. A proud race of Native Americans forced off their land by the ruthless conquerers from Europe. It’s a subtle jab, but those Fascists are sneaky that way.

Ich Bein Ein Americaner ya Nazi bastards.


I’m glad they’re getting rid of the inefficient, gas-guzzling, pollution-spewing beasts. Now, if only they’d get rid of all those panorama-blocking eyesores and start putting those R&D dollars into making smaller, more efficient cars safer and even more efficient, we’d be much better off.

Good riddance to the Cherokee, and don’t let the door swat you in the ass on the way out.

Sorry Ogre, the beast that is replacing the Cherokee is bigger. I think it’s more fuel efficient, but it’s bigger.

You want to see a beast, check out the Ford excursion!

I have seen a few of the 4WD Limos - now there’s somptin!