There's a Trailer Park at Disneyworld!

Mundane: check. Pointless: check. I must share: check.

[removed link that doesn’t work*] In the incorporated community of Bay Lake, FL, which sits entirely within the legal boundaries of Walt Disney World, sits a very ratty-looking trailer park. From the back yard of one of those trailers you could throw a rock and hit the ass end of Tomorrowland.

I’ll be damned.

*In the next post I’ll post instructions for viewing it on satellite.


  1. Go to in “street view.”

  2. Search for Lake Mabel, FL.

  3. Zoom in to 0.7 miles detail.

  4. Witness Bay Lake to the south and west.

  5. Due north of the north shore of Bay Lake, witness the street labeled “Bay Court.”

  6. Center the south terminus of Bay Court.

  7. Zoom in to 80 years detail.

  8. Switch to arial view. There it is! Zoom in and bird’s eye as you please.

You mean here?

There are more around Winter Garden, like this one.

That’s probably “Snow White Village” - housing for the college program.

I had a college roommate who spent a summer working at Disneyworld. Yep, she shared a trailer at the onsite trailer park.

According to my sources, it’s true. They have to have people living there as part of their Reedy Creek district.

I thought you meant these. They’re trailers; I’ve stayed there. :smiley:

I actually know someone with a.) an RV and b.) season pass to WDW. He has confirmed that there is at least one RV park there, and has used it. He said it was great.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I am constantly amazed at Disney’s ability to separate you and your money.

(‘you’, of course, being the proverbial you.)