There's a version of hello fresh ect for cats?

ok now I’ve seen everything …—-the-company-offers-an-extensive-menu-of-wet-and-dry-foods/ar-BB14I9RQ?ocid=SK2DDHP

would you splurge for this?

I buy family packs of burgers/steaks/chops specifically to allow sharing some of our dinner with our dogs. So, yeah, why not?

well that’s just sharing soemthing you were going tp all ready eat … that’s just for the lazy little monsters …well the youngest one anyways … the other 2 helped their now passed on sisters eradicate the mice the neighbors left behind years ago…

What is in the box? A pregnant rat and 6 quail eggs? My cats had to wait until the farmer plowed the field to get good mice.
I did buy beef liver and kept it around for the cat. He liked raw frozen slices-liversicles-but I had to wave them around to get his interest when he got older.

If this had been around back when I had my little girl kitty, who was on medication most of her life and usually underweight, hell yes I’d have used it. As it was I did a lot of home cooking and bought every imaginable type of cat food/baby food trying to get her to eat.

ect? what means ect?

It’s short for ectoplasm, ectoderm, ectomorph, et cetera. Duh.