There's a word for it

Fellow fans of obscure words, funky art, and paper dolls, check this out.

I am not, however, a bibliotaph, regardless of what you’re heard.

I have to lucubrate every night by six. My apartment hets really bad light.

I didn’t see my favorite obscure word listed:

Hurple-The involuntary hunching up of one’s shoulders in reaction to the cold.

And when I hurple
My lips turn purple.

My favorite is formicate: to swarm like ants.

I looked out my window to see crowds of people formicating in the streets.

Lovely. I have a librarian friend I will ask about Bibliotaffs. I might be accused of being a cartotaff, if cart as a prefix can mean chart not map.

♪There’s a word for that, what does it start with, the word for that? I’d sound so smart if I only knew the word for that, perhaps you do.♫

What’s the word that means to walk up one aisle and down the next (like at the grocery store)? I’ve heard it before but don’t remember.


Perambulate? Gridwalk?

No, this was a much less common word. I believe it had 5 syllables, and I think it ended in … ulate. Something like stromfumdomulate or boffromdomulate, though obviously those aren’t it.


If you were retromingent you could make sure people didn’t sneak up on you while you were doing your business.

ETA If you’re a guy that is.

Did you know that some drugs and medical conditions can cause formication?

Would you be calm and placid
If you were full of formic acid?

-Ogden Nash.