There's New Legal Drama Around McDonald’s Soft Serve Machines

You know this sort of reminds me how I became disliked at a certain subway because a while back subway had an “local favorites” menu that was supposed to highlight a local meat dish in a sandwich and LA county’s was carne asada and it was actually pretty good and popular in most places there was just one catch …They were always out of it …or so they said anyways …

Well one day the regional manager apparently was doing an inspection and she decided to fix my order and we started talking about this and that concerning the place … and I placed an order for an Asada sandwich and she says "you know I thought that would be a hit but its not … weve gotten tons of it to sell or get rid of …

And I said well most of the time I’m told they don’t have any and she says “oh really ?” and I said yeah the one your making is the first one I’ve had in a week …and I mentioned it was the same at the either two, she started writing what I was saying in a book …everyone else behind the counter didn’t know whether to be upset or pissed at me …i didn’t even get charged for anything I ordered …

The next time I came in they had a new manager and a lot of staff had quit …new manager said I raised some hell as there was a big meeting and people were fired or demoted and such … All because it took about a minute in a half to prepare the meat in a warmer than that of other sandwiches …


I’ve never been to a McDs that the soft serve machine was malfunctioning. I didn’t know this was a thing. Think I’ll go get a cone today.

“Kytch’s software includes a remote operation function, and with this feature, we believe anyone cleaning, operating, or repairing our soft serve machines (like restaurant crew members or maintenance technicians) could potentially be injured if the equipment is turned on remotely,”

Or: you could protect your people with training and equipment to do Lock Out/Tag Out, even if the franchise has fewer than 11 employees and is exempt from OSHA training requirements.

The one nearest here hardly ever served McFlurrys, presumably because of a “malfunctioning” soft serve machine.

Termintor 3: Rise of the Soft Serve Machines

“Mankind Gets Creamed”

The long version

This is a good video and I also recommend it. It really ties it all together.

heh, I was just thinking of that very video and was going to recommend it.

Back when I was bartending, we had one shitty blender but management kept pushing milkshakes and frozen drinks. Blender drinks would often get backed up since we physically could not get them done in a reasonable time during rushes. Meanwhile, we were three deep at the bar and losing tips on the easy drinks. Finally one shift, one bartender said fuck it, and smashed the shit out of the blender. It was smooth sailing after that. It took management like a month to replace it. And even then, some bartenders still claimed it was broken.

That video was outstanding. I didn’t think that I would sit still for the whole thing but I loved it. As a manufacturing engineer, that shit pisses me off.

For you amusement, here is a video where the McDonald’s ice cream machine works.

aren’t those pretty much the same style of machines ray croc originally sold the mcdonald brothers ?

Sorry, not even close.

Of course, when management decrees that each customer be served X time interval but then introduces a new “featured sandwich of the week” that takes X+1.5 minutes to make and serve without adjusting requirements that, too, can lead to a problem and an incentive to lie about the availability of the sandwich that will throw a wrench in a metric being used to evaluate staff… not that I’m saying that’s what happened, but I work in retail and I’m getting cynical…

I’d like to think this was just a problem of people at that franchise being lazy, but my own experience where I work is that some of the people making decisions seem to have little to no knowledge of conditions in the “front lines”.

As far as McDonald’s goes… one company stealing another company’s good idea would not surprise me one bit. Also, conversely, a company requiring franchisees to purchase and use an expensive, unreliable clunker of a device would not surprise me either.

While I can buy the line about McD’s corporate not really giving a shit because they don’t bear the cost, I think there is probably more going on here than “Two old businesses protecting each other from market disruption” as the video presenter proposes. McD’s corporate gets a cut of franchisee revenue, so they definitely want the franchisee to be making money. I suspect there are some sort of financial kickbacks happening between McDonald’s and Taylor. I think the franchisees just have to lump it because of the demand for franchises and because they do continue to make money on each location. I would be curious how much “lost” revenue there is for a franchisee in not being able to sell the ice cream. In the end they trade money for time, and nobody waits as long in a McD’s drive-thru as they do for Chick-Fil-A, so the fact that they can’t sell the ice cream probably just means they turn over more of other things, like hamburgers, in a lot of cases.

I also think Kytch is going to have a hard time with their lawsuit even though I am rooting for them.

There’s an app, er, website, for that: McBroken
It calls in an order for a McFlurry to every McDonalds every hour or so, and reports if it’s available or not.

Meh. When I worked at McDs in the 80s special stuff was excluded when we ran one of those timing promotions. Ice cream cones were also specifically excluded.

To be honest, when I saw the topic title, I thought someone actually had a dramatic television series about McDonald’s soft serve machines. Obviously, that would be crazy but there are TV shows or movies about everything else. (I expect the next big animated film franchise to be about those inflatable floppy things outside of car dealerships.)

It’s not always about a promotion - it’s quite common when I order at the drive- through for me to be told to pull into a parking space even when there isn’t anyone in line behind me. Apparently the timer stops when the car pulls away from the drive-through.

Ouch! Now that’s not good publicity for “my kind of place”.