There's something colorful in my pants

I feel a bit like Steve Martin but it’s true…

The new 20’s are here! The new 20’s are here!

I just got back from a cash machine and at first I though it gave me some waterstained bills. Stupid machine.

Wait… no, stupid me.

Personally, I think they’re pretty cool. The old green and black was pretty boring. My new cash seems kinda… happy.

We were all expecting a particularly inventive poop thread . . .

That’s what I thought when I first saw the new 20’s for the first time. I almost cried they were so pretty. :slight_smile:


Too bad they are not new 20’s style “Death Rays.”
Ducks&Runs . . .

I think they’re cool too. Exept for the hundreds of little 20s on the back.

Well, at least he’s not trying to tell us about that little rooster with all the brightly colored feathers he’s so fond of.

Actually, I thought this was going to be about new Underoos!

Here’s a tip for a Chocolate Jesus
Please take a quick peek inside
'Cause that .sig of yours, Chocolate Jesus
Is longer than it is wide


Uh, I guess that’s pretty colourful-- for greenbacks. Kind of a contradiction in terms, though-- like psychedelic tweed.

Hah. We Canadians get beautiful multicolored currency, while you call green and yellow an improvement.

I thought lieu had managed to stuff Joseph and his Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat down his pants. I am sorely disappointed.

I thought maybe he’d been eating a lot of beets.

I wish they’d go and make the money REALLY colorful. The new ones are all right, but it’s not all THAT impressive. I’m with Gadfly on this. They have neat looking money. (I also want a dollar coin that people actually spends, and if that means ditching the bill, so be it!)