WTF? it's freakin Orange

I had heard about the new 10. Supposedly they were going to have some color variations. Okay no big deal the other changes wern’t to bad.

But now I hold a crisp shiny new 10 dollar bill. It’s not a color variation, It’s freakin Orange. What are we now, some backwater nation with Monopoly money? This country was build on greenbacks not this crap. It’s the final sign of the end of times, when Uncle Sam gives up good strong manly green dollars for wussy-ass pumpkin money.

It’s peach, you Philistine.

I don’t have problems with the color, but it is a bit annoying to wait in line behind LOPs* who think the grocery store clerk is trying to scam them with some funny money.
*Little Old Persons

Or the reverse…a grocery store clerk who refuses to believe that the government would change the look of a bill.

The last time I heard someone call them greenbacks was in London in 1982. I thought it was out of date then.

Only stuck-in-the-mud nostaligia lovers object. It’s way past time that we got currency with some pizzaz.

I’m looking forward to red, white and blue 5’s.

Is this colour change part of the Gay Agenda ™? :slight_smile:

You just wait until you get money like ours…

It’s a rainbow in my wallet

But at least you rarely get them confused.

If we can’t use “archaic” language on the SDMB, what then???

They can make them calf-shit brown for all I care – I want a dollar coin that works!!! Get rid of the Washingtons!!

“And I don’t give a damn for the orange back dollar”?? Naah – just doesn’t have the right ring to it! :stuck_out_tongue:

Us backwater nations gotta stick together.:smiley:

Seriously, what is the problem with being able to identify a bill by just glancing at it, without having to figure out which president you’re looking at or looking for the numbers? I glance in my wallet and I can (theoretically) see that I have fives, tens, twenties, fifties, and hundreds in there just from the colours. For a lazy nation, you guys sure are making something easy more difficult than it has to be.

Are the new 10s that bad? I’m out of the country for a while and haven’t seen one myself. When the 20 got its color a few years back, I publically stated I wouldn’t use them, ever. Then I saw one, and it wasn’t too bad. I thought it was supposed to be peach and pink, but it was still basically green. So I used them, and still felt OK about calling them greenbacks. So, is the 10 worse than the 20 in terms of degrees removed from green?

I think the color of the 10 is much more noticable - it definitely has that peach/orange tint, and since we’re not used to seeing our money that color, it stands out more. But, I just see it as proof the that TN Vols are taking over the nation. :wink:

I want even prettier money, like Canada has.

No doubt about it. Having all currency the same size and color makes as much sense as would having all coins be the same size and from the same metal.

Oh, boy! Now I can feel like I’m in Canada again!

Granted, it was easy enough to get used to the greenie money, but it was so boring. I want to see some psychedelic colours! Each time I open my wallet, I want to freak out!


I don’t mind the color, but the design really sucks (and I know, 'cause I’m a designer).

  1. At the top it says "FEDERAL . . . . . . . . . RESERVE NOTE. They should have given the type normal spacing and allowed Hamilton’s head to slightly overlap the type (like they do with magazine covers).

  2. There’s Liberty’s torch (partially obliterated by a seal), thrusting menacingly at Hamilton’s face.

  3. There’s another (miniature) Liberty’s torch on the other side of Hamilton. WTF?

  4. To the right of Hamilton, as if he’s turning his back on it, is “We the People.” Except that the middle of it is covered up by the word “TEN” and another seal. So it reads, “We TENeople.”

  5. The back has that weird oval on the left, which should coincide with the watermark, but doesn’t.

  6. Also on the back is a swarm of tiny, enigmatic 10s.

For the benefit of those outside the U.S, this is the gaudy technicolor psychedelic Disney-exploded-all-over-the-damned-place banknote under discussion.

Whoa! Say goodbye to that reputation for stodgy conservatism, Uncle Sam. It’s outta control! :stuck_out_tongue:

I like ours. They make good blotter, too.

Uh, that’s still green. What’s the fuss? It isn’t nearly as monopoly-money as our bills.

It really is much more orange in person than in that picture.

I like the new money. I like the variety in color. However, I do not like that most change machines do not accept the new ten dollar bill.