These sequential threads see in 2020

Grocery Coupons: Worth it or not worth it?
Tales of the City

I once spent three days in the checkout line behind a woman with two suitcases full of coupons. Good thing I brought my sleeping bag.

It Was Twenty Years Ago Today
The Locusts Are Coming!

Don’t you mean “It was Seventeen Years Ago Today, Or Thirteen, depending on which species of locust they were”? Although it doesn’t scan as well admittedly.

It was twenty years ago today
A swarm of locusts came out to play,
They’ve been going in and out of style,
But they’re guaranteed to raise the smile,
So may I introduce to you,
The bug you’ve missed for all these years,
Nomadacris septemfasciata!

We should end the general lock-downs. Now
Let’s pretend to be dumb

Couldn’t you think of a safer way to pretend to be dumb?

Term conspiracy theorists use
The soda dispensing machines incident

The Deep State took my quarter! :frowning:

What inexplicable things does your cat do?
Overcoming Solipsism

Maumo, ergo sum. Yet, how can I be sure any other mind truly exists? But: I cannot use the can opener…Yet the can opener is used! Food is placed in my bowl! Conclusion: There must be some kind of intelligence beyond myself!”

Embedded YouTube videos not allowed any more?
This new site sucks!

Complain, complain…

China has just admitted to taking hostages
Beck and the bad, bad, bad Barn cat

How long until they realise their mistake?

Not really sequential threads, but this pair showed up in the Suggested Topics at the bottom of a thread…

Anyone else seriously considering leaving?
Ask the guy who is pretty good at SF Story Identification

Singers/bands that make you want to shove hot rusty screwdrivers into your ears
J K Rowling and the trans furore

Ehhh, they’re pretty bad, but not as annoying as most nerdcore.

Will the website amazon be replaced by something else anytime soon

The Atoz Game

I miss…………
Pistols at dawn

Awfully old for your first time!
Is V-8 enough?

If you use it to wash down a dozen oysters.

Pistols at dawn
15th Annual SDMB Shot Glass Exchange!

Pistol shots, get it?!

Biden’s choice for vice presidential candidate
Lieutenant Governor of Texas

Yeah, probably.

Who’s missing that you really want to see on the Board?
… unless it is a vine bearing nuts or a railroad tunnel on an Indian reservation

We shall speak of Eats_Legumes_In_Iron_Horse_Tunnel no more, shall we?

Entropy? Siri is no help
The Elmer Fud “Accent”

So in iOS 14, the low battery warning is Siri sounding like Elmer Fudd? Cool.

What’s the dorkiest prop used by any superhero or superheroine?
Extreme Jell-O Recipes

And so the Forces of Evil were encased in impenetrable raspberry aspic, saving the world.

The Forces Of Evil should be carrying raw papaya or pineapple, just in case.

This new site sucks!
This new site is great

No votes for mediocrity?