15th Annual SDMB Shot Glass Exchange!

It’s about that time again, ladies and gents! No need to let a bit of quarantine get in the way of tradition. Even if there’s just two of us, the exchange must go on! Just make sure to use good judgement when acquiring a glass and any lagniappe.
The rules are pretty simple:
Reply to this thread and let me (and everyone else) know that you want to participate. The deadline will be July 1.
Send me an email at sdmbshotglassexchange @ gmail . com. [Note: this is a different email address than the one used last year (thanks again, Lancia for picking up my slack!).

In your email please provide:

  1. Your Doper handle
  2. Your real name
  3. Your mailing address
  4. Whether or not you are willing to ship internationally. We’ve have players in the past from the UK, Canada, and Australia and I’d love to have them play again.
    [li]Names are picked Round-robin style… The person you’re receiving from isn’t necessarily the person to whom you’re sending a glass.[/li][li]Send your glass promptly![/li][li]Receive your glass and—perhaps most importantly—make sure it works.[/li][li]Lastly, PLEASE post here when you’ve received your glass. It’s hella important to show your appreciation and let the sender know that it arrived. [/li][/ul]
    The more the merrier, but do refrain from participating if you’re going to be busy, going through a move, or otherwise indisposed.

If you’ve played in the past but have been burned by someone who didn’t send, I urge you to give it another chance. We’ll make sure everyone gets a glass!

Finally, feel free to throw in some extra goodies, local flair, or samples of select beverages so that your recipient can test-drive their new glass. This isn’t required, but who doesn’t love a little something to help connect the glass to its origin and the doper that sent it?

Again, the deadline will be July 1. I think that will give everyone time to find that perfect glass to send, but if we seem to be at capacity before then, we can move the deadline up.

This should be fun!

I’m in.

So In it’s insane.

Remember folks-If you don’t drink, a standard shot glass can be used as a one ounce measuring cup. :smiley:


Totally missed this the first time! Only knew about it cuz I saw it posted in the postcard thread. Totally in, PM to follow later today.

Giving this a bump.

C’mon, people! These things are fun!

^^^ This. If the Dope ever goes the way of the dodo, the Shot Glass Exchange will no doubt be the thing I miss most.

OK, OK, I’m in! :smiley:

I’m VERY in!!!


Email sent!

I’m in, email will be sent tomorrow when I have time.

email sent.

I’m in again! Hopefully I’ll be able to get a shotglass from somewhere before July…

Can we please all agree that we won’t sign up if we don’t intend to follow through. I got burned last time.

Now worries. I’ll cover anybody who gets stiffed by a…

Ok, so far, I’ve got an email/address from the following:


Didn’t see an email/PM from Sicks Ate, so if you wanna participate, you still have plenty of time to get that in.

Hey thanks for the PM! I made it just in time!

Any update to this? Am I in?