7th Annual Shot Glass Exchange!

It’s that time of year again! The SDMB Shot Glass Exchange is the time when dopers from all over send and receive shot glasses (and other goodies) to add to their collection.

The rules are simple:

[li] Reply to this thread expressing your interest in the exchange.[/li][li] Email me at sdmbshotglassexchange @ gmail.com . Say whether or not international shipping is ok… we have a few participants from Australia and Europe. [/li][li] Names are picked Round-robin style… The person you’re receiving from isn’t necessarily the person to whom you’re sending a glass.[/li][li] Send your glass promptly![/li][li] Receive your glass and make sure it works[/li][/ul]

The more, the merrier, but please, please refrain from participating if you’re going to be busy, going through a move, or otherwise indisposed.

Feel free to throw in other things with your shot glass… local flair, samples of what you think goes best in that glass… whatever!

Thisis last year’s thread.

I’ll set the deadline at May 5 at midnight, just to give everybody a chance to see the thread and sign up.

So… I think that about covers it! Email, PM or post to the thread if you have any questions.

Annnndd… GO!

YES! emails on the way. I can do international too.

I’m in! Email sent.

I’ve had some cool glasses in the past.

Count me in. Email sent.

Count me in again.

Email sent!

Thanks for all the responses, everyone! I forgot to mention in the OP: please include your mailing address in the email you send to sdmbshotglassexchange@gmail.com.

Gotta let people know how to send you a glass!

I did include my address, didn’t I?

Indeed you did. I have the ones from last year, too, but it’s easier to not have to dig through the archived messages.

I’m hoping the exchange picks up a bit… it always starts slowly, and then after the deadline, there are always a few who never noticed it but wanted to participate.

I’m in again this year.
E-mail sent!


I’m in again !

email sent

I’m in! Email has been sent!

What’s our count so far? 9?

Come on, people! This is fun!

Ahh, and why not…
Reckon I’m in. :slight_smile:

I’m in, like Flynn.

Shot glass will be flyin’ out the door, as soon as I get a recipient address :smiley:

Expect something unusual. I hope to get something unusual in return. More fun for all!

I’m in. E-mail sent. Sounds like fun!

Please count me in!

Current count is right around 14… Hopefully we can generate some more interest in this and have a big exchange this year!

14 is a good start, but we need at least 20 for this to really rock.

That’s a hint, people.

Come on folks - sign up already!