::DRUMROLL:: It's time for the 16th still-pretty-close-to-annual SDMB Shot Glass Exchange!

This is usually a springtime thing but our friend and designated emcee @feppytweed hasn’t posted to the boards in over a year so I’m going to tentatively take the reins on this gig from now on and kick this off before we end up missing a year. Covid didn’t stop our exchange last year and I’ll be damned if I’ll let this year escape us. Fep good buddy, if you return from your adventures and choose to resume the idyll life on the SDMB, I’ll happily return control to you if you want.

The SDMB Shot Glass Exchange is something I look forward to each year. I first played in on a total whim many years ago – I don’t drink hard liquor and had never owned a shot glass – and found myself instantly hooked. I now have 8 or 9 shot glasses from Dopers and another ~60 that I have collected over the years – all beginning with a Kansas glass from @Baker from that first exchange. I’ve received other goodies that get regular use as well: last year I got a mask that has become my wife’s favorite, I once got a Chicago Cubs baseball cap that is by far the most comfortable hat I own, and I’ve received numerous pens, pencils, bottle openers, coffee mugs, and similar stuff that gets regular use.
But the shot glasses are the best part.

The rules are pretty simple:

  • Reply to this thread and let me (and everyone else) know that you want to participate. The deadline will be October 1, 2021. That’s three weeks from today.

  • Send me an email at sdmbshotglass @ gmail . com. [Note: this is obviously a different email address than the one used in last year’s exchange. It’s the same as the 2019 exchange email address however.] In your email please provide:

  1. Your Doper handle
  2. Your real name
  3. Your mailing address
  4. Whether or not you are willing to ship internationally. We’ve have players in the past from the UK, Canada, and Australia and I’d love to have them play again.
  • Names are picked round-robin style… The person you’re receiving from isn’t necessarily (in fact, probably won’t be) the person to whom you’re sending a glass.

  • Send your glass promptly!

  • Receive your glass and—perhaps most importantly—make sure it works.

  • The more the merrier, but please, please refrain from participating if you’re going to be busy, going through a move, or otherwise indisposed.

If you’ve played in the past but have been burned by someone who didn’t send, I urge you to give it another chance. I know there are several Dopers (myself included) who are willing to send a glass to someone who gets shafted by their designated sender.

Finally, fell free to throw in some extra goodies, local flair, or samples of select beverages so that your recipient can test-drive their new glass. Personally, that’s one of my favorite aspects of this. As I noted earlier the extra swag gets regular use in in the Lancia garage. HOWEVER, this is a shot glass exchange and adding a bunch of other goodies is optional. Anything extra shouldn’t be expensive stuff: key chains, refrigerator magnets, a cheap Bic pen emblazoned with the name of a local company… all are welcome. The idea is to represent a bit of your neck of the woods. It’s a fun way to get some goodies from far corners of the map but the shot glass is the primary gift.

Again, the deadline will be October 1, 2021. I think that will give everyone time to find that perfect glass to send.

This should be fun!


In an attempt to find when the last shot glass exchange was (May of last year, which was also the last time we saw feppytweed) I came across a few posts from Dopers who have expressed interest in participating in the next exchange. I made a list of those Dopers along with our usual players and will present it here; if you are no longer interested or otherwise don’t want to / can’t participate that’s totally fine as well.

Unfortunately I think a couple of these folks did not transition to Discourse but I’ll give them a heads-up just in case.


And because Discourse will only let me tag 10 people per post, here’s everyone else that was on my potential players list:











One thing I will add: For those who played last year I’m going to try to match dissimilar senders and sendees from last year’s matches. However, I probably won’t go back farther than that. I’ll keep a list of senders/sendees so that those who participate each year will get someone different from here moving forward.

In the future I’m also going to try to keep this a springtime event for no better reason than that’s the way it’s always been and I see no reason to rock the boat now.

I’m in. Info sent. (Turns out the address was still in my Contacts!)

Warms my heart to see this continuing! I’ll gladly let you take the lead on this, @Lancia , but I’ll also be happy to participate. Sending an email shortly!

Likewise on both counts.

I am SO in!

I’m in!

I’m in!

I am in! I will email details after breakfast.

Have been in before, but think not for some time.
Happy to roll the dice in 2021. Email sent.

Outstanding participation right out of the gate!

So far we have playing:


I have emails with mailing particulars from everyone but @swampspruce.

My wife told me about a new store in town that has shot glasses for sale, I’m going to go there after work and see what they have available. This is always so exciting!

I plan to participate in the exchange

Oops. :innocent: Sent.

Got it. Thanks!

Welcome to the boards, Ambro! The SGE will be a fun way to start getting acquainted with the SDMB.