::DRUMROLL:: It's time for the 16th still-pretty-close-to-annual SDMB Shot Glass Exchange!

No address received yet. Package is semi-prepped and waiting.

I resent the address. Thanks for the heads-up.

Slight COVID-related hiccup (exposure quarantine), but the check my contribution is in the mail.

In the hands of UPS this morning, scheduled delivery sometime Friday. Sent to a census-designated place east of here.

To whom it may concern;
Goods consigned today.
ETA could be sooner, might be later.
I counsel patience. :upside_down_face:


Thanks, Otto! A gorgeous Washington State shot glass, a Washington State Ferry System-ish carabiner and a bag of one of my favorite convections - Almond Roca!

You rock!

Beats “You suck a rock!”

(You’re very welcome.)

Mailed mine off today.

I have my glass and bling ready to go and I stopped by the PO and picked up a box. I’ll package it all up tonight and hopefully get it sent tomorrow.

Ok, so far we have:

OttoDaFe → Silenus
Silenus →
Czarcasm →

I’m afraid I didn’t make it to the post office on Friday as planned. But I have my package ready to go, label affixed. I have Monday off so will take it to the PO then.

Anyone have any other progress to report?

Would this count as progress?

I have the glass all ready to go, however I’m isolating so it won’t be going until the end of this week. I shall send it when I can and update accordingly!

Been travelling for work, but I got back Friday and I’ve got everything ready to go!

Thanks for organizing this, Lancia!!