9th Annual SDMB Shot Glass Exchange

It’s about that time… where dopers from all corners send a shot glass to another doper (usually along with some goodies!).

The rules are simple:

[li]Reply to this thread expressing your interest in the exchange.[/li][li]Email me at sdmbshotglassexchange @ gmail.com . Say whether or not international shipping is ok… we have a few participants from Australia, Canada and Europe.[/li][li]Names are picked Round-robin style… The person you’re receiving from isn’t necessarily the person to whom you’re sending a glass.[/li][li]Send your glass promptly![/li][li]Receive your glass and make sure it works[/li][li]The more the merrier, but please, please refrain from participating if you’re going to be busy, going through a move, or otherwise indisposed[/li][/ul].

Feel free to throw in other things with your shot glass… local flair, samples of what you think goes best in that glass… whatever!

We’ll set the deadline to be April 30th. I’ll do my best to get as much participation as possible. If it dies down, I may move it up a week or two.

Annnd… Go!

I’m in!

I’m in!

Thanks feppytweed!
This is one of my favorite SDMB traditions!

I’m in!

I wanna play. I have a whole collection of glasses! I promise, even though I’m in Kansas, I won’t send hackneyed Oz stuff.

You only think it’s hackneyed because you live in Kansas. Oz stuff is awesome!

Bring that shit ON!

The whole point is to get something you’d never find otherwise - I send Chicago shit every year for you poor bastards who are banished to the anywhere that isn’t Chicago :wink:

I lived in Chicago for a school year, thirty years ago. I loved the parts I knew. Best part? 24/7 public transportation! And Chicago is the first place I ever encountered the Straight Dope, a column in a student newspaper. It was “Is it true male pigs have corkscrew shaped penises?” All the fantastic restaurants too. The Museum of Science and Industry. The old Cominskey(sp?) Park. Where I saw the KC Royals beat the White Sox 7-6! Go Royals!!!

Obligatory weekend bump

Oh, come on! There have to be more people interested than just us!

Oh wow…I thought this was an old thread because of the April 30th deadline. Thats a long sign up period.

Count me in though! It’s my favorite thing on the dope.

We have to give it a long sign-up period because people keep waiting until the last minute to chime in.

I have a couple of nice shot glasses to choose from this year.

Raising hand once again.

I’ve had some very cool items added to my shotglass collection thanks to this tradition. I hope my recipients have enjoyed being able to add a little bit of Australiana to theirs.

I love Australian stuff! I only wish I could get more Australian candies. Violet Crumble, Jaffas, Cherry Ripe bars, ummmmmmmmmmm.

I’m IN! My spouse may also participate, but I’ll have ask him first.

WILL SHIP international. Although I may not be able to send sprts along :frowning:

Will find an acceptable substitute and/or addl. trivial “goodies” if necessary.

Thanks again for setting this up! I LOVES my shot glass collection :smiley:

I vote for OPALS and CHICAGO STUFF! Hey! Hey! The Blues Is Alright :cool:

Only 8? That’s a sad state of affairs.

Even though no one sent me anything last year, and even though acctogo never acknowledged the package I sent (that’s right, dude, I’m calling you out), I’ll give this another shot. (Get it? Har har. Don’t kill me.)

Based on the facts that acctogo: has posted only once, hasn’t been active on the Board since January of 2013, and was listed as being 71 years of age then…

Must you put a damper on my (completely not serious) righteous indignation? :stuck_out_tongue: Seriously though, I hope he’s OK.