9th Annual SDMB Shot Glass Exchange

I’m still looking forward to this! I keep all(well, mostly all) the glasses I’ve recieved on a shelf together. From time to time I test them out, to be sure of their effectiveness!:smiley:

I’m in as well !

I have been waiting until my employment situation changed to commit to this. Seeing as I have a job interview tomorrow, and I am confident in the outcome, I am in. I love this exchange. I have received the neatest stuff. I don’t know what is more fun, shopping or receiving.

Shameless bump…

Come on Dopers!
Sign up and give/get a shotglass!

OK, I’ll all for another reason to drink. Count me in.

Question for those who’ve signed up:

One of (oh who am I kidding…the damn only) perk I get from one of my jobs is that I can get a free pound of Starbucks coffee. Would those those who have signed up be adverse to me PMing them after the picks have gone out so that I can get them a pound of coffee with their new shot glass?

It would require me to kill the surprise of who has you, but you get coffee so…you know.

Lemme know!

I’m in, count me in, I want to play,


Sign up if you haven’t already.

Ok guys, just a couple weeks left!

I know I haven’t been pushing this as hard as I would’ve liked, but we need to get this thing rolling again!

Bump! C’mon people, it’s fun!

Only a week left to go. I can’t believe there aren’t more people interested. This is a super fun exchange.

C’mon, bitches! Don’t you want a new glass? (And all the other stuff that often shows up as well?)

One last bump for the weekend crowd.

Time is drawing near… jump in

Would like to join the exchange! Just sent an email to your gmail account. I hope the wife doesn’t wonder why I’ve sent an email to an address that ends in “...sexchange@gmail.com

I live next to the tourist crap mecca of Niagara Falls, so some lucky person is getting a Falls shot glass!

Getting this back onto the front page.

Come on, people !

Sign up !!!

I don’t live in a very touristy area, if I can find them at all, there are only generic Canada shot glasses. Last year, I found some cute hand painted vintage ones. They were much more interesting. Going to try and do the same this year. Have been keeping a lookout.

Will get the addresses and names split up and sent out tomorrow!

Sorry for the delay.

Were the addresses sent out via E-mail? I did not recieve one yet. If you are just delayed… no worries… I ain’t trying to rush you,… but didn’t know if maybe I fell into an oversight area.

Hey, acctogo is IN! He’s alive and well and … a year older! AND … we are moving to a new location, so I will e-mail the new address right away …