15th Annual SDMB Shot Glass Exchange!

Yes sir, your email’s at the top of the inbox! Brings the count to an even 10.

Got a PM from Baker, so that’s 11.

I’ll make a chart from past exchanges to make sure there’s diversity in the recipients.

Bumping this to see if anyone else is interested.

I guess if we have no more takers by 06/15, we can call it… but if we get a couple more, we can wait out the rest of the month and hope some more come on in.

One last bump for the weekend; if nobody joins by Sunday night, I’ll go ahead and send everyone’s recipient out on Monday/Tuesday.

If there are any latecomers, I’ll honor the OP and see if anyone (other than me) would wanna play twice.

I have some bad news I have to share. I lost my job about 4 weeks ago - the entire department was let go due to the COVID19 situation. I can still participate but only minimally - I just don’t have the funds for swag.

I leave it up to the group - I will graciously bow out or will participate in a minimal fashion - you all decide - I will abide by your choice.

We got you, zoid. If you can handle sending just one glass, I know the recipient will be grateful.

I got a job again. so I’m in

Great! Just make sure your mailing info gets sent over to sdmbshotglassexchange @ gmail . com


I’ve got everything packed and ready to ship-Just give me a name and address to ship it to.

You are just far too organized…

I’m semi ready to rock. Gimme my address!

So am I - looking forward to an email!

I’ve got the list ready to go… just waiting to get confirmation from one person, but it should go out soon!

Also, very grateful to the way Lancia kept up with the exchange in last year’s post; Apparently he and I are very similar in the way we match people, so his posts on last year’s thread helped prevent a lot of duplicates.

My package is in the mail - hopefully to be received early next week.

Mine will be going out in a couple of days. I thought it was ready, but My Beloved saw something that fit the theme and we are waiting for it to arrive.

::blushes:: aw, shucks…

But wait! feppytweed, I’m at a new address. I’ve emailed you, hopefully you see it in time to give it to my sender (it is NOT the one I had when I said I was in a couple of months ago). But if my sender wants to break the whole “its a secret surprise!” part of the exchange I’ll PM my new address to them.

I have my sender’s particulars and will be shopping for swag this weekend.

I got you Lancia! The person sending you “the package” confirmed the new details.

Sendee. I have my sendee’s particulars. Long week.

Of course, the year I’m slow off the mark is the year I’m the first to receive.

The postal person just dropped off a box of goodies from romansperson, who didn’t sign her note but I recognized from various post card exchanges. (There are no secrets on the Dope!)


1- shot glass from TOPO distillery in Chapel Hill
1- shot glass with rather obvious markings on it
1-tasting glass from Honeygirl Meadery, which will make an outstanding whisky glass in the meantime
All wrapped in bubblewrap and cushioned by a metric fuckton (8) of coozies advertising Mancan.

Far out! Thank you!!