6th Annual SDMB Shot glass Exchange!

It’s April, and that means it’s time for the shot glass exchange!

For those of you who haven’t done it before, here’s how it works:
[li]Reply to this thread expressing your interest in the exchange.[/li][li]Email me at sdmbshotglassexchange @ gmail.com[/li][li]I will arrange and set up the list of who sends to whom, and when the time comes, I’ll email you and tell you who to ship to. I do it round-robin/secret santa style, so it’s a surprise from whom you receive your glass and you don’t send to the person who is sending you a glass. (Hopefully that’s as clear as mud!)[/li][li]Send your glass promptly! [/li][li]Receive your glass and make sure it works ;)[/li][/ul]

Let me know if you can ship internationally.

Since we aren’t Pay-to-Post anymore, this is open to Members and guests alike, but don’t sign up if you are gonna forget, flake, get busy, etc. We’d love for you to participate, but rounding up the people who default is a hassle. Please don’t not participate just because you got burned last year. There are always a few awesome dopers who don’t mind sending to someone who didn’t receive theirs.

I guess that’s pretty much it. Feel free to throw in other things with your shot glass… local flair, samples of what you think goes best in that glass… whatever!

This is last year’s thread.

If anybody has any other good points I forgot to mention, please post!

Thanks everybody for playing! Hope this year goes just as well as the past.

And thanks to Twicks for the OK on this exchange!


This is my favorite thing at the dope!!

Sign me up! I’ll do another post that says what I love in a glass later since I’m in the middle of class now and will get in trouble here soon.

Sign me up, too! I’ve got an unopened bottle of applejack waiting to be used.

Hey, what fun! I’ll play. I’ll e-mail info this evening.

Heck yeah!
Last year was fun - I’m in!
I’ll ship anywhere.

As usual, I’m in. I even picked up a couple of new shot glasses in the last year especially for the swap.

Ok out of class and now able to talk more.

When we e-mail you that we are in is that when we say name/address etc??
If you would happen to pick me the number one thing I want is local flair! Local city, attractions, colleges, you name it I love it.

Sign me up. I’ll ship anywhere. email to follow.

The one time I did this was fun, and I am in for some fun lately, so count me in!

This sounds like fun so I’m in.

Come on you bastiches! I’m gonna bump this thread every day until we get a couple dozen participants. Then I’m gonna hold my breath until I turn blue!

I’m in.

Will send an email when my wife relinquishes the computer.

Email sent!

I’m in. The shot glass I got last year is in use. And the pirate key chain is on my cycle :):):):slight_smile:

I’m in, and willing to ship internationally =)

Yes, I should’ve been more clear; the email is so I know you’re participating AND to tell whomever draws your name where to ship your glass!

Also, I didn’t set a deadline, so I figure 3 and a half weeks is good. The turnout is already looking much stronger than past years!

Have your email sent by April 30, 11:59 PM CDT. The matches will be made and sent Sunday so by the first weekend in May, you could be enjoying the results of the exchange!

We’re up to 12 already? Good job.

Now what about the rest of you slackers?

Bumping to say I sent my E-mail.

I really hope interest in the exchange keeps going like it is! We usually only have about 20, plus or minus a couple.

Come on people, this is great fun!

Oh, oh, can I play? As I am in Singapore, I will definitely ship internationally.