These two question are related, believe it or not.

Who sings the disco song Heartbeat?
In Jamaican patios, what does “murderer” mean (besides someone who kills someone else)?

If anybody knows the answer to either of these questions, I’d be much obliged.

If anybody knows how these songs are connected you are either living inside my brain or have the most unusual taste in music I’ve seen on this board.

Curtis Mayfield.

A girl sings the Heartbeat I’m thinking about. It the song sampled in Rapper’s Delight.

According to this, it was Melanie Thornton. I haven’t heard of the song in question, nor the artist you mentioned (nor Melanie, for that matter), so I’ve no idea whether this is of any help at all.

Thank Og I stopped by this thread, eh?

Urgh…the SONG you mentioned. Not the artist.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure they sampled “Good Times” by Chic for that song.

[old-school rapper character from SNL]

Rip rop rippity-do!

[/old-school rapper character from SNL]

You are correct. The song I’m thinking of has a chorus that goes:
It makes me feel so weak

Nobody has the answer to the murderer question?

I’m guessing it refers to the anti-gun song Murderer, which got wrote after a couple of DJs got killed.

Could also mean somebody who’s really good at something, like a DJ with mad skillz being called a sound murderer.