Help identifying song?

Gosh, another song I heard somewhere that I couldn’t even get one intelligible ling out of so I could google those lyrics then download the song I found.

It has a piano playing softly, and there’s this african-american voice in the background repeating this line like ‘bad… bad… bad… woman?’ And it’s a soft song…

Or maybe he’s saying 'bang… bang… bang… whoa mon (Jamaican accent?)?

In between the 'bad’s (or whatever they are), the electric violin repeats the same two notes. Bad (duh, DUH) Bad (duh, DUH), Bad (duh, DUH)- WOO-MAN (when he says this last word, it’s like a slight echo effect w/o the echo back- like he said it in an empty auditorium.

The main singer is like a white guy who sings softly.

Sounds like *Porcelain *by Moby off his album *Play. *

…maybe… ??

Yep, that’s it I’m sure. I actually spent a long time hearing this song in coffee houses and on the radio occasionally, really liking it, and not knowing who it was. Relatively recently I caught it on the radio and it was followed by the DJ identifying it as Moby.

Thanks Headrush042, that’s it!

But what’s the guy saying in the background? I can’t find any lyrics saying what he says…

Hey, Hey, Hey , . . . Woman

Okay, I found it.

I actually hear it as just “ooh-haa,” kinda like at the end of Douglas Adams’ Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul and there’s that Norse god who doesn’t say anything but “ooh-haa.”

Or something.

Man it’s late.