These yokels are actually on the NYC ballot this year

I’ve seen advertisements in my Brooklyn neighborhood for someone running for City Council on the “Rent Is Too Damn High” party. I’m not quite sure what a city councilperson can do to affect basic market forces, but I decided to look further into party anyway.

As it turns out, they not only have a candidate for City Council, but also for Mayor who is on the ballot. The party also has a website (you might want to read further before clicking)…

What’s the party all about? Well, it’s actually about (drum roll please)… the Jews!

From the website:

Aside from the comedic value of the website, I actually find it kind of scary that this nutcase got enough signatures to get on the ballot. Of course, he probably didn’t advertise his beliefs when gathering signatures, but even so…

Zev Steinhardt

Zev, How many signatures are required to get on the ballot there?

… and how many does it take to get somebody taken off?

Do you know anything about these apartments? Man, I’ve been reading the obits for years, and all I had to do was go talk to the rabbi?

Who knew?

That shows every sign of traditional Internet kookery, including a poor grammars, plenty of mispelleng, random Capitalization, random ALL CAPS, “random quotation marks” and (1) one poor example of legalese. Click on this page, and you’re greeted with:

At least the Time Cube guy can spell.


It’s pretty easy to see how they got enough signatures. Their party name is “Rent is too Damn High” party. Who doesn’t think their rent is too high? I saw them on some election newsletter and thought it was cute. Awww, look at the party with the funny name!

Now that I know what they actually think, they ain’t cute anymore.

By the way, there is an alternative.

I see that, and the goofy anti-Semitism, and just shake my head.

I remember looking at some FEC filings of actual PAC’s during the last presidential cycle. One that stuck out was the “PAC to elect Dave’s Mom,” or something very similar.

That is a perfectly acceptable sentence. Assuming one is talking about the potpourri in a lawyer’s office, that is. :cool:

Is she hot?

I live near Bedford and Flushing. I rent my apartment from one of those jews that live in that self-imposed Ghetto. Personally I fully support them in creating a neighborhood for themselves. They run their own buses, their kids leave toys in the street at night, it’s one of the safest places to walk in the city. My biggest complaint with them is that they are CHEAP, my apartment could have been put together so much better than it is by paying attention to little details, like not painting over the windows, cleaning up the debris from the back yard so that things can grow there, putting deadbolts on the door and gates on the front entrance BEFORE everyone got robbed.

I definitely have some issues with my jewish landlords, and he has some valid points about jewish landlords, but I don’t feel like I NEED to live in the little area they’ve carved out for themselves. Hell I’ll emulate it and go create my own city somewhere.


What the hell is a “strong whole”?

I believe he means “stronghold.”

mswas, it would probably be better if you apaologized now, and perhaps we can hit that switch lever before we get to the missing section of track.

Exactly which of his points are ‘valid’ about Jewish landlords, as distinct from landlords in general?

Well to be honest, I think it’s distinctly a particular sect of Jewish landlords, who are only supplying a product to “Goyim” because they can make money, they don’t care about supplying a quality product to “goyim”.

As far as I am concerned anyone that is gonna get on my case with some false anti-semitism plea can go fuck themselves.

If I told you that I liked dealing with Jewish landlords of this type because they are very straight up about the actual transaction of money, you’d have no problems.

I’m allowed to analyze things I have experienced, even if that analysis is an analysis of SOME jews.


Eh, Veb, there are certain … I dunno, things that the Orthodox do to goyim, you know? It’s not evil or anything, and nothing specific comes to mind, but I can agree as to some cultural weirdness there. Especially if they’re part of the WWII generation.

I know! Ever have a grandparent that lived through the Great Depression? You know how they get a little weird about saving every container, and so on? Orthodox tend to be a bit cheap on building maintenance the same kind of way.

Additional note: This applies mostly to NY orthodox landlords, and not all of them, but a… eh, subset. They’re straight with you, but they use both sides of the toilet paper. And, to be honest, they don’t live all that much better themselves.

Proper spelling? Zoinist propergander!

:wink: ;j (I never get to use that little guy.)

And shouldn’t they be throwing out the ones written in crayon?

That would be prejudice against people whose keepers don’t allow them to have sharp objects.