They don't cover theft on the Voight-Kampff.

Introducing Sean Young, computer thief.

Soon she’ll be living a new life in the off-world colonies.

Now, I’ve really seen things you people wouldn’t believe!

She has at last shown her stripes.

She’ll be fine; she’s got a force field around her.

So, Catwoman makes a bad cat burglar?

I’m shocked by this first-ever piece of evidence that Sean Young may be mentally unstable.

Send Harrison Ford after her. But don’t let him fly.

The poor dear. Her life just fell all apart after that one moment of glory.

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective?

I feel bad for her. It’s been clear for a while that something’s not right with her.

We found her beautiful once.

I recall she had a problem with the laces being out. Well there’s no (shoe)laces in jail, they don’t want you to hang yourself.

If someone tries to sell you a laptop, that has sand running out of it, and it has an odd cinnamony smell, it is probably one she stole.

She gave them back. Says she simply took the wrong laptops.