They don't have floods in Hawaii?

A poster on another board claims that they don’t have floods in Hawaii. He says:


Is he right?

WAG: Hawaii is volcanic islands, so it wouldn’t surprise me if water just ran downhill into the ocean. There aren’t any real big rivers to speak of, either. Nor are there any giant valleys which can fill up.

Aren’t the Hawiian islands actually the tops of huge hunker-toad volcanoes? If so, I could imagine that even cats-and-dogs type rain would just cascade down the constant grade & into the ocean.

Also, don’t volcanoes have lots of little channels & tunnels running underground that would provide, essentially, a huge drainage system?

Oh, Geobabe where are you??

This is technically known as “a crock of shit”.

Exhibit A: Floods That Have Occurred in Hawaii
Exhibit B: The FEMA page for the Big Island Flood of 2000


This, by the way, is the 20,000th GQ thread.

For severe rainfall to run off the islands and do no flooding damage, the islands would have to be shaped like Hershey’s Kisses, and they’re not. Many areas are flat and/or just don’t drain well.

Oh dear lord, I poke my head in here and there they are throwing my name around…

Looks like SmackFu got it pretty well covered. My area of expertise isn’t really island fluvial systems anyway.

***They don’t have floods in Hawaii? ***

There’s some unfortunate people on the big island of Hawaii that were forced from their homes by a flood of lava. And it being hotter than 451[sup]o[/sup]F, there wasn’t anything left of their home later.

A lot of hawaii is lava base, water runs down it mighty fast.

Just the other day my brother there got 10" of rain in one day.

One time he had a flood & found his file cabinet on the seashore.

Oh, you guys just HAVE to read the subsequent posts on that other board. Ghoti (which is pronounced “fish”) is now claiming he was referring to floods of Biblical proportions. (He’s a fundamentalist Christian.) Since massive, catastrophic floods don’t occur there, he still says it never floods in Hawaii.

(He’s trying to argue that since every culture has a flood myth, including Hawaiians, they must be referring to Noah and the Ark.)