They said motherf*cker and it was only 7:30

There is a new show called Comedy Inc. I didn’t think it was so bad, the skits without Roman Danylow are kinda funny, but anyway;

They said the mf word. Very clearly, the Bill Cosby inpersonator said “teach you motherf*ckers not to mess with my pudding pops.”

And this was no cable channel, this was CTV (terrestrial TV, like NBC or the BBC).

But, it’s okay, they only said it once, and there was a warning before the show that there would be some coarse language. Not that I’m complaining, I’m just amazed at what I heard.


What’s up with Global’s new profanity advisories, BTW?

I just noticed them today. “Even some adults may be offended by the language.”

Why not just “Tune out now, unless you’re either a f*cking baby or pathetically uptight?”

How about “People who are uptight, sexually-repressed prudes with a deficient sense of humor and an overabundance of scripture in their bloodstreams should tune out now and let those of us who still know how to laugh have a little fun?” :smiley: