They say age ain't nothin' but a number... Is it true, Tygr?

After all, today did bring you into a new decade… :smiley:

Happy big 30, my good friend!!! Glad you made it this far, and I hope you make it twice-again!

So let’s get this party started… drinks at the bar (any kind, any flavor… I like to stock these things right!), hot tub at the ready in the back, and tunes starting up to get people’s toes tapping. I’ve put out the call for a bevy of beautiful Doper-ladies to come help you celebrate in style. They should be here soon.

So tell me, is there anything else I can do to make this birthday memorable??? :wink:

Happy Birthday, Tygr, my sweet!

I brought the Jello Pit and it’s set up over there. I remember how much you loooved the Jello.

Happy Birthday Tygr

How about a birthday lap dance?

Happy Birthday!

Just remember - Saying you’re 30 is not just another way of saying you’re old! :smiley:

Did someone say Jello Pit?


Tygr, Happy birthday!

30, huh? Ouch :smiley:

Oops, forgot to say Happy Birthday Tyger.

Hey blur

Race you to the Jello Pit!

Happy Happy Birthday Baby
(I can’t remember the rest of the song, and I think it was sad anyway, so forget the song and just have a wonderful day)


<said in soft, breathy voice> Well, helloooooooo, Tygr. Happy Birthday, my dear. I just looooooove a big, strong hunk of man who is finally old enough to know just what to do, and young enough to do it right. :wink: Come here, dear, to the hot tub TP was kind enough to place in this quiet corner. I’m saving a special hug just for you.


HI True Pisces! {{{{{{TP}}}}}}

<No, my friend, I haven’t forgotten you. Just had a few busy days. I’ll answer your emails soonest. And, thank you.>

Happy Birthday, Tygr! :slight_smile:

Happy B-day Tygr!

[syrupy voice]
A biggol’ smooch and a loving scritch behind the ears for mah fuzzy widdle kitty.
[/syrupy voice]

Happy birthday, Tygr!!!

TP, yer awesome. A Straight Dope surprise birfday party of my very own!! :o :cool: :smiley:

Thank you, my dear. Yeah, better watch out for me when I’m 90 - that’ll prob’ly be me sneakin’ in the back window of the ol’ ladies home.

I’ll have what Mister Stonebender’s having - Bushsmill’s, neat. :: fires up his special-occasion Cuban ::

Yeah, c’mere… smoooooooch! :cool::D:cool:

And I’ll get to the hot tub in a minute. But first…

:: Looks around the room ::

Wowsers. Mission accomplished, I’d say. Beautiful women everywhere, including your lovely self.

Handshakes to Tyklfe and blur, who’s living up to his username in his haste to the Jello pit.

Hugs and pecks on the cheek to Obsidian Flutterby, celestina, and Scotti.

screech-owl: rrrrowwwrrlll Back a litt…over to the… ahhhh yes. Hmmmmmrrrrrr… Thanks, hon. smooch back Tygrs love scritches…

Mauvaise: :stuck_out_tongue: They say you’re only as old as you feel. So tell me, how do I feel?

Arden: A Jello pit just ain’t right unless you join me there.

hardygrrl: I thought you’d never ask. :smiley: Say, I’ve never had a lap dance IN a Jello pit…

:: Not too long a while later, he rinses off the Jello and slips into the hot tub alongside the Lavendar Lady. ::

Thank you, dear lady purplebear, for your kind words. It’s always pleasant to find a lovely, sweet woman who, ah, appreciates that combination.:wink:


Well, if you’re going to leave like that…
Come to hardygrrl :wink: