They wanna take away my gums!!

I just heard this on the TV set, that Obama’s leftwig administeration plans to take away my gums, and I won’t stand for it. Where would I put my teeth if this dasterdly socialist plan goes through? I’m supposed to eat what, mush through a straw? I hate mush. They will get my gums after they tear away my cold, dead fingers, which won’t be hard on account of they’ll probably be pretty weak because I’m having problems chewing, but this is totally outrageous, our right to possess gums is protected by the Constitution somewheres, I bet, and if it isn’t then it ort to be. When they outlaw gums, only outlaws will have gums, you bet you, and we have to band together NOW so we all keep our gums.

What? They’re trying what? Oh, never mind.

Don’t worry. I hear the proposed laws have no teeth.

It’s just GOP rumor mongering. Obama will only make you register your gums with a local dental authority.

Emily, is that you? It’s me, Cheddar.

I found gum in a 100-round magazine the other day.

Just sayin’.

Fuck me, it’s Oscar Wilde.

Taking away my gums! Oh no. I’m trying to fucking eat here.

Taking my gums away, indeed.

Another embarassment to left-wingers everywhere. Whether that is simply the OP or prr in general, I will leave as an exercise for the reader.

No, I won’t, fuck it. psuedotriton ruber ruber, you are an embarassment to left-wingers everywhere. All of us know that Emily is not replying to thin air, but to Chevy Chase.

It’s about time they did something constructive about the terrible plague of…


If this weren’t my daughter’s wedding I would knock your teeth out, you anti-dentite bastard.

BTW, take my gums, please! The part around my one wisdom tooth feels infected and I don’t know whether to call the doctor or the dentist. Then I make the mistake of reading GQ where someone mentions a cyst destroying his jaw bone. :eek:

I am sick of these endless periodontal disease threads…

Does this have to do with the physical cleft?

If they take away our gums then everything we say will be tongue in cheek.

Cliffs? I saw a nice cliff once, on venison I think…

As for the OP: no, we were talking about the band Gun.

We have to stop this now! If this happens the next thing is that they will take away all of our arms.

I wonder how powerful the chicle lobby is?

Lets compromise, we take the gums, you can keep the teeth.

Oh, maaaaan, I was all set to rip open a new pack of Teaberry, do the Teaberry Shuffle as I hum along and scare the dogs, and I open the snack drawer and … it’s not there!

"Damn you, Obama!!!"

[shakes fist at horizon in the direction of DC, scares dogs anyhow]

Moved to MPSIMS.

I knew there would be trouble when he appointed Dr. Chu to the Cabinet.

I have come to this thread to chew gum and kick ass, and they just took away my gum.