They'll BUY my giftcards?

I have a gift card for the Gap, with like $165 on it. Unfortunatley I hate the GAP, which is why I returned the gifts which got me the giftcards. Looking around the web I’ve found a few sites that will buy the giftcard off of me for about $155 and resell them to others. I think, is one of them.

What I’m wondering, is how legit are these sites, and how does this work? I don’t use E-Bay or usually buy or sell things off the net, but I really want to unload this card for some cash. Is there anyway to tell whether or not I can trust thier business?


an alternative. and… as far as i know, legal way…

hang out by the registers, if you see someone walk up with a lot of merchandise, simply explain the situation. if they are paying with cash, there you go, a cash exchange. If they’re worried youre lying, stand there while they do it. a lot of people are more than happy to do this for you… my cousin had 3 gift cards for best buy totalling 300$ or so, within 20 minutes we had $300 cash :slight_smile: