They're eating *what* on the Space Station?

According to this article, a Russian Progress M-44 robot freighter has been dispatched on a resupply run to the International Space Station. Its cargo includes a variety of foodstuffs, including “citrus fruits, apples, onions and garlic”.

OK. Am I the only one who thinks a nice big cargo of onions and garlic for a group of people living in a bunch of tin cans breathing each other’s re-circulated air for months on end is a Bad Idea?

IIRC, the air-cleaning mechanisms on space stations (well, okay the ISS is only the 2nd I can think of) are so strong, you’d really have to try hard to get a decent stench past the air scrubbers.

…just don’t get between the source and the scrubber!

Well, the filters are supposed to “Remove volatile organic trace gases from the cabin air”

For myself, I think that “Recycle wastewater (including urine) to produce drinking (potable) water” would be more of a concern.

Actually, since most of the asronauts are refusing to drink it, they’ve brought normal water to drink. The urinewater will be used for cleaning and the Electron. The Electron is the machine that seperates the hydrogen and oxygen for fuel (or something).

I got that from this month’s popular science.